Wisdom Teeth Function; Que Pasa?

I had all the requisite teenage orthidonture; braces, at that time the medieval metal torture devices, with four teeth yanked to make room in a petite jaw, and was told way back yond that , according to x-ray, my wisdom teeth should all come out. They were coming in crooked, sideways, even. I never did have that done, and in my early twenties, they came in all upright and fine, and have been yakkin’ and jawin’ ever since. No troubles at all.

Now, having passed the 40 mark, they have recently started to teethy hurt the way they did when they came in, and seem to be coming in more. Not in an “uh-oh, you haven’t been brushing us back here very well!” way, I’m pretty thorough with dental hygiene, but in a “we’re growing again” manner.

What’s up with that? Are wisdom teeth so called because they’re teeth that are timed to take the grinding chores on at a certain age? Que Pasa?

I think you’re right. What better thing for early man to have than a set of molars growing in while the rest of their rotting teeth fell out? Not sure why yours would be going through another growing spurt, though.

Hm. After just having done a bit of research, it looks like wisdom teeth are just a throwback from our ape ancestors, who had plenty of room in their jawbone for lots of teeth. The human jawbone is getting smaller, but evolution hasn’t really made the necessary tooth adjustment yet, so humans tend to have too many teeth for their jaw. At least, that’s what I’ve been reading. I like my first idea better. And it still doesn’t answer why yours are growing again.

That’s very interesting… I just had four teeth pulled to make room in my mouth and new braces a few weeks ago. When talking to the dentist and orthodontist, I was surprised to find out I still had to get my wisdom teeth pulled. The Dr. explained they are back there tumbling in fluid filled sacs so usually they come in sideways and/or get impacted, that’s why they need to be pulled. It is interesting that yours are changing so many years later.

>> wisdom teeth are just a throwback from our ape ancestors

I had plenty of space for my wisdom teeth. I guess I’m a throwback to our ape ancestors. That might explain my liking that hot monkey sex too.

::Walks away pounding chest::

maybe you are beginning to grind your teeth at night and you just don’t know it and you are feeling pain during the day from it. do you have a partner to ask if this is happening?

At 40 I too have mine and a lot of extra room to boot.
op! op!

Well, Du-uh!