Wiseass paying in all pennies

Remember THIS?

Today I got dispatched to the cashiers office of the municipal court. A guy was pissed because [he claims] he didn’t get a notice of the date of his traffic court case and was found guilty in absentia. He wasn’t aware of the conviction so didn’t pay the fine. His DL was suspended over it.

So he showed up with Heffty bags with 17,500 pennies inside. Then he allegedly made a stink when they wouldn’t take them as payment. I say allegedly because when I got there he was totally cooperative and pretty mellow. He said he made his point (which was…?:confused: ) and that he was going to the bank down the street and trade the pennies in for a money order. Alright. Be on your way.

About 10 minutes later myself and another unit got dispatched to a disturbance call that was about 4 blocks away. The guy was screaming at about 6 homeless people who were following him and driving him nuts asking for some change. I hadn’t thought about how he was going to get to that bank. Walking down the street dragging huge Heffty bags that obviously contain coins wasn’t such a good idea. I immediately thought of that South Park episode.

Funniest day I’ve had in a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA: We shooed the street people away and hung around until he got inside the bank. I have to wonder if they gave him shit about bringing in all those coins like my bank does.

He should have complained to a department manager, because while public offices don’t have to accept loose change, they cannot refuse coin rolls. I paid a fine in rolled coins one time and I brought the municipal regs in with me to make certain that they knew it was legal.

Was I a d*ck?
Was it legal.
According to the laws of the municipality it was.

They weren’t rolled. They were loose.

Ugh, you guys remind me of the smartasses that waste my time by buying a day pass in $6.00 in pennies :rolleyes:

Aren’t there still laws re. amount of coins which (at least loose) constitute legal tender?

IIRC, “pennies”* are specifically mentioned, and possible each denomination.

    • the US has never minted a coin it called a “penny”. It once issued a half-penny, and it currently (against all reason) issues a “one cent” coin.

At least they weren’t ass pennies. So far as we know.

Ahh… I thought I had forgotten about ass pennies.

(looking at change in pocket)