Wishbones and being sick.

I’ve been sick since NYE, it’s getting very old.

Bob found the wishbone that I had saved from the Christmas turkey and presented it to me. He said “Maybe if we both wish on you getting better, you’ll wake up perfectly healthy!”

So we each grabbed an end and pulled. It broke perfectly… into three pieces, with the top piece sailing straight up into the air. :eek:

I’m going to die. :frowning:

I think you and I caught this bug at the same time…my sympathies.

Last wishbone I did splintered right down the middle of the little joining piece. We decided that meant we would both get our wish. (I think we’d both wished for the same thing anyway.)

I received a Magic 8 Ball for Winterfest. Would you like me to consult it?

A girl I work with got sick on New Years. Then again, she was clubbing wearing a tank top and leggings and no coat while waiting in line… she was bound to get sick. She’s better not get me sick… I get married in 12 days and don’t have time to get sick!

I used to save wishbones from chickens, turkeys, and rock cornish hens - hang them up to dry for a month or so, paint them gold and glue on a little glitter, and tie them into the ribbon when wrapping up birthday presents.

I like this idea. Definitely have to use it from now on!

Apparently that wasn’t the kiss of death, I’m even getting better…