Witch Trial -- what happened to the dog??

Cecil, man, don’t leave us hanging!

Here you say:

What is supposed to happen to the dog when he eats the cake to prove this one way or the other? Were any cakes made? Do we have any recipes?

Your faithful cook,

The same as happened to the rabbit? :rolleyes:

From here

Well, color me embarassed at the obviousness of your url. Thanks.

Hmm…urine, flour…no binders? I’d add an egg, at least.

Perhaps my OP should best be read as: Did this jump out at anyone else as being missing from Cecil’s answer? :wink:

By the way, was my OP really deserving of a :rolleyes:?

I see no need to be embarassed, nor did I see a reason for the :rolleyes:

I thought it was an interesting question.

She killed her. And her little dog.