Witches and Brooms

I was quite miffed by the article on Witchcraft. The WHOLE witches on brooms came from the Christians. I cannot believe you read such tripe from such out dated and horrid sources. The witches used brooms in their rites, because they had to mask the fact that they had magickal items in their homes. This is why the cauldron was also popular. If you had a wand, then you would be the next bbq. Witches jumped over brooms at Beltain as a form of sympathetic magick, to show the crops how high to grow. Now some Xian saw this and made up this vision of witches riding brooms. Wicca is a real religion recognized by the US government. We are among the most popular and persecuted religions. The misconceptions about witches are immense! And articles like this only feed the flames of hatred, and ignorance. Next time you write about witches you may want to talk to some, just to get it straight.
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It’s likely that this could turn into another religion topic, but I might point out that you should also post your disagreement in “Talk Back to the Master” (home page).

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Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

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