Witches and Broomsticks

Link to article.

Link to toy which you will say to yourself Wow, they didn’t make toys like that when I was a kid!

Count on one’s fingers - ha ha!

Whenever I think of witches on broomsticks, I always associate that with the with cackling madly as she flies.

Now I know why they cackle like that.

so i just pulled this theory outta my ass while talking about this with my boyfriend … if this is were the broomstick and witches came from maybe bed knobs and broomsticks was code for droping acid …lmao

You realize that story is ten years old, do you?

Yes, but it was reprinted here a few days ago. Makes it fair game!

Or, are you talking about the Harry Potter vibrating broom? Yes, I know that is is old and no longer around. Heck, it was yanked off the shelves faster than Earring Magic Ken.

My understanding is that both toys were quite popular, but not with the demographic that the manufacturer intended.