Withdrawal from the West Bank = Holocaust?

Regarding this recent article on salon.com:



Now, I’m not in Israel and I can’t pretend to understand this protest, but I have to say, I question any possible beneficial effect they might expect? To me, this is the blatant use of a historical tragedy for political noise making. But what does it mean when the victims themselves are exploiting the tragedy?

Sound and fury.

Just because some poor woman went through the holocaust doesn’t give her the right to make absurd comparisons about it.

Plus, anyway…

A) Israeli settlers are better armed than the jews in Europe


B) It would take the Israeli government about 10 minutes to decide to invade should the Palestinians start rounding up Jews in Gaza and put them in camps.

So this is just plain stupid.

It seems to me that fundamentalists of any stripe require persecution to maintain their fervor. If there is no actual persecution extant, they will spin otherwise unrelated events to create it. Both the fundamentalist Christians in the US (“Christmas is under attack!!!”) and the fundamentalist Jews in Israel do this. I’m not familiar enough with the history of fundamentalist Muslims to be able to state for certain that this holds true for them as well, though.

It’s exactly like the Holocaust.

Except for the death camp part.