Without Facebook or Twitter, what would our political landscape look like right now?

Lot’s of stupid on my FB feed right now. Every day I become more convinced these two social media giants do more harm than good.

I’ll get off your lawn now. It wouldn’t be any different, we’d still have Daily Kos, Breitbart, and Infowars.

We would be complaining about Hilary’s Presidency–this program should be added, that program should be changed…

Well, if I gotta pick my demons… :smiley:

Yes, the loony would exist, but you may have to exert some effort to seek it out. My FB feed is littered with political bullshit that I am certainly not seeking. Everyone’s got that one uncle (or maybe a few) who you can avoid 360 days out of the year, but now he’s forcing his opinions and other people’s loony content on your FB feed every day.

Yeah I wonder if blogs/online “news” sources would have caught on without what is basically the free and persistent advertising venues of FB and Twitter.

I guess Drudge did ok for years and years without social media, right? So did Rush Limbaugh.

It would be the same as it’s always been. One side hating the other for their opinions.

Don’t forget, You (General, not Grrr) are just as stupid to the other side as they are to you

Because people are agreeing with it, or pointing and laughing, or what?

Social media allows for spreading of the stupid, but also for spreading of the debunking, rebutting, and resisting of the stupid.

And there are family members I do not wish to offend.