Wizard of Oz tonight

Is it my imagination or did they chop a lot of scenes out of the movie when they showed it tonight?

I know I have read the book a number of times in the past, but it seems like I remember scenes that were not in the movie tonight…

I didn’t watch it tonight, but I’ve never read the books, so I’m pretty sure I could tell you if the scenes you are remembering were in the movie or not. What scenes do you think were chopped?

(BTW, I totally understand this phenomenon. When I watch To Kill a Mockingbird, there are scenes from the book that I would swear I remembered seeing in the movie!)

It was the same version I’ve seen for 40 years, down to the commercial breaks in the same places.

The movie’s running time of 101 minutes gives 19 minutes of ads in a two-hour block, plenty to show it without cutting further.