Wobbler Syndrome in Doberman/Looking for information about surgery cost please

I am hoping someone here can help me. I just found out today that my 5 year old Doberman may have Wobbler’s Syndrome. I have been trying to find out information on the internet about the surgery and have found some, which from what I’ve read may be risky.

I love my doberman very much and am trying to find a site or if anyone has information on how much this kind of surgery may cost and the success rate. I had her x-rays done today, which shows nothing. The vet did say that it usualy don’t and to be certain she will have to be injected with a dye into her spine, which is also dangerous from what I’ve read.

I would like to know if anyone may have had experience with this and know have a ballpark figure of what it could cost and if it’s worth putting the dog through that. I also read that it is months of recovery and they have to be stabilized. I am very upset about this and am willing to spend as much as I can. I just don’t want to put her through a lot of pain with the tests, surgery, and recovery if the success rate is low.

I would appreciate any information.

Thank you so much


I highly recommend joining the Doberworld mailing list. I’ve belonged to it for almost two years and every day I seem to learn something new. Wobblers has been discussed there many times and your answers will be answered there.

I’ll also mention Special Needs Dobermans . Sometimes they can help you out with costs and I’m sure they will offer you information and moral support.

Dobies are the bestest dogs. I hope you can get the help you need. Please, please, please check out that mailing list!

Errrr, your questions will be answered there.

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