Wobbly eyesight problem

Lately I’ve been having a weird eyesight problem: when focusing on near objects (1 - 2 feet) my right eye begins exhibiting a strange wobbly effect. First, my eye seems to have difficulty focusing, but most importantly and worrysome to me is that it seems to wobble, and finally it seems to kind of settle in a missaligned position, higher than my left eye, and the position is kind of twisted, for example, reading text i see the same line as two lines at a slight angle (ie. not parallel to each other). Has anyone had anything like this? I admit I’ve been under stress and pressure lately and maybe i havent been sleeping all that well, but i took a vacation last week so i should be recharging…

The same thing happens to me when I haven’t gotten adequate sleep, and often when I wake up in the morning. It may be a sign of exhaustion/fatigue combined with higher stress levels.

Good rule: If it’s an eye problem, see an eye doctor. Eyes are one of our important parts.

Hoping it goes well, tapu

I’m going to guess that you might have astigmatism (I have this myself so y’know I’m an expert)

But go to an optician to find out for sure.

No, go to an ophthalmologist or optometrist. You might need to see an optician after seeing an eye doctor, but an optician is not an eye doctor.