Woe is me! My computer forgot its bookmarks!

A couple of nights ago, the power went on and off during a thunderstorm. Since then, my computer claims that it doesn’t have any bookmarks, though it’s willing to accept new ones. It knows my home page, at least.

I’m using Firefox, Windows XP home edition, and I miss my bookmarks. Are they gone for good? Is life still worth living?

Also, when I open a browser window, it doesn’t automatically open a maximized window. Very aggravating.

I don’t have an answer, but my computer did the EXACT SAME THING two nights ago. Power flickered and now all of my Firefox bookmarks are gone.

I’ve had this happen before, too. Seems to be a big problem with Firefox. I hope somebody knows what the solution is.

First of all don’t start and restart again. Heres’s a link with something. There’s a lot on taking care of the problem, but I want to get this information to you now.
Excerpt from above link.

*  In Firefox 1.5 and above, five daily bookmark backup files are saved in the bookmarkbackups folder, located in the Firefox profile folder. Important: You must recover one of these five backups before they are overwritten by newer versions. 

* Firefox and Mozilla Suite store bookmarks in file "bookmarks.html", located in the profile folder. There is also a "bookmarks.html" file in the program folder, but this one is only a template and does not hold your bookmarks.

Open this folder or whomever you log under in place of administrator.
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles

Open the folder in that directory.
Open the folder in that directory named bookmarkbackups.

You can open the bookmark dated html file you wish with firefox, and see your book marks.

Apparently the backup happen only once per day, so you haven’t already over written them.

I’ll let you read on to get the rest done.


Harmonious Discord, thank you very much. I did indeed have to restore my bookmarks from backup, and was able to thanks to your advice and links. I really appreciate it. And you were so quick, too!

chorpler, I hope that the info in that link also works for you. Apparently it’s a known FF bug.

just to add - I use GoogleSync with FF. All my bookmarks, history (optional), and current tabs/windows get stored in my googlemail profile. If I switch to another PC, reboot, crash or whatever - I have all my bookmarks available. Even if I don’t use FF, I can log into googlemail and still use all my bookmarks.

I really, really like it.


For future reference foxmarks works pretty good at syncing all your bookmarks across multiple computers and works as a good backup.