Wolf 359: Should I stick with this? (No spoilers)

No spoilers please —

Wolf 359 is an episodic audio podcast in the style of old-fashioned radio serial dramas with a science fiction/fantasy setting.

It’s been out for a while but I just learned about it recently when someone made an offhand comment about some reference to a name from the series.

I like sci-fi/fantasy, I like drama, and I like radio shows, so I decided to check it out.

I loved the original Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in the 1970s and I still have the cassettes somewhere.

I’m about four episodes in and I can’t say I’m impressed. The story seems slow and disjointed, not very dramatic. The writing seems to be the level of a clever student rather than a professional.

The biggest problem is that Zach Valenti, who plays the main character and whose voice makes up about 80 percent of the audio, is not a good actor. His whole manner is very amateurish.

So this is my question—how much more time should I devote to this? Does it get better? What do you like or dislike about it? Is there a payoff if I stick with it?

Interesting, thanks. Haven’t heard of it before. I thought, from the thread title, it might have something to do with this: Battle of Wolf 359 | Memory Alpha | Fandom

Wolf 359 is a real star, and one of the closest to Earth. It’s not surprising that it’d show up in multiple science fiction contexts.

Well, of *course *Wiki would have something on that: Stars and planetary systems in fiction - Wikipedia

Are you afraid of it?