Wolfman Jack

Was Wolfman Jack just famous in the Wisconsin area or did you other’s get his brodcasts.

A-wowwww Wolfman Jack here.

I’m only your wildest fear, from the corners of your darkest thoughts.

He was heard lots of places. Here’s a biography.

Wolfman’s stint at XERF happened while he was still in Shreveport. He’d send the stations tapes that they’d play back starting at midnight, Central time. There weren’t any commercials. Actually the whole show was a commercial…
All the music you heard him play could be bought from “Stan The Man’s” Record Shop in Shreveport. Cash, check or money order, sorry no COD’s.

In Los Angeles you could hear him on XERB- 1090 AM- out of Baja California from the mid to late sixties until the early seventies.