Wolverine's "Orgin"...Reactions? (spoilers)

Just got finished putting down the 1st ish of “Orgin”, and I don’t know what to think.

I’m guessing Dog Logan is Wolverine, and it looks like they’re giving a number of reasons as to why Wolvie is they way he is.

Leaving in a shack Huckleberry stlye with an abusive Dad would make him edgy. Of course, we got Rose=Jean Grey and House on the Hill= Xavier’s School…

And thoughts? It was a good read, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as * Ultimate Spider-Man* #13.

I must admit to never having given a great deal of thought to Wolverine’s “orgin.” BTW, shouldn’t that be “organ”? :slight_smile:

Somebody woulda . . . yadda yadda.

Sir Rhosis

I haven’t read any X-men-related titles in a while.

Does Wolverine still have those hokey “bone claws” he got after Magneto sucked all the adamantium out of him?

I’m also thinking Dog is Wolvie, but a few things bother me - if Dog is Wolvie, where are these people living that they still use horse drawn carriages and talk and dress like that? It seems set more in the times of Little House on the Prairie than in what one would think would be Wolvie’s childhood, unless Wolvie is way older than I thought.

I’m just hoping they don’t take 6 issues only for this to be something like Wolvies Roots or something.

And tracer, last I saw, Wolvie got his adantium laced skeleton back, but I’m not too sure on that.

Nah, he got his adamantium back about a year or so ago, maybe a little longer.

I haven’t been much for X-men books for quite a while, but I think I’ll pick up the “Origin” series. But I was just wondering: are these only covering Wolverine well before the Weapon X saga?

Crunchy Frog: part of the thing with Wolvies power (the regenerating) is that he ages at a much slower rate. I forget how old he is, but he’s pretty dang old.

I started on the X-men with issue #96, back when there was only one book. In other words, decades ago.

From the start, Wolverine’s age has always been subject to question due to his regenerative abilities. When Alpha Flight showed up it became apparent that folks that had known him a long time weren’t sure how old he was, and that he didn’t change much with time. Speculation started that he was older than Xavier and Magneto, possibly much older. Part of the problem is that even he doesn’t know how old he is, his memory having been scrambled at one point.

In other words - he could be a product of the 19th century. Which would certainly explain the horse-drawn carriages.

I ifrst started reading The X-Men back in '90 or so, and they had just finished exploring his origin then, for the umpteenth time. Late they decided to revisit it. When I finally quit reading in 94 or so, we had been through several iterations of “This is his origin - OR IS IT?”

You can only drag out and rethink something so many times and still have me care. The statute of limitations on giving a damn about Wolverine’s origin ran out for me a long time ago. This is something that would have been great to do about eight years ago, but now is just tired.

No matter how the “Origin” storyline turns out, it will eventually be overturned by some sort of “Zero Hour/Crisis”-type epic.

No, that’s DC you’re thinking of. Wolverine is Marvel. Marvel will simply say that the origin you THOUGHT was true was actually false memories/a clone/just plain not true, with no explination. They get bonus points for saying, “Oh, those memories were false memories implanted in a clone for no apparent reason.”

I’ve started reading The Amazing Spider-Man again since JMS took over, and I’ve noticed that the people who answer the letters in the back spend a lot of time reassuring people that there will be no more clones in Spider-Man. When I started reading them again, I told the guy at the comic shop, “I stopped reading Spider-Man about the time of the Clone Wars.” He rolled his eyes and said, “You know how many times a day I hear that?”

I stopped reading Spider-man for the same reason. If fact I stopped reading Marvel altogether except Wolverine and the occasional Deadpool TPB. I followed the clone saga for TWO FREAKIN’ YEARS hoping for a decent closure and what do I (any millions of others) get?

“I wasn’t dead. I was in Europe.”

I forgot about Wolvie’s healing factor affecting his aging. I’m mostly a Spidey fan (yes, even through the dreaded “Clone Saga”) and Deadpool (although I’m getting weary of 'Pool lately - I miss Blind Al and Weasel, why’d they dump all the supporting characters?) I’ve never followed the X-men too much because there’s just too many X-men and too many titles and it’s too much to try to pick up on in the middle of things.

I’ve just recently started reading Wolverine’s title since I picked up the first two issues to add to my collection and shortly afterwards I heard they were going to finally reveal his origins.

I do have a bad feeling though, that when Wolverine sales start to slip, we’ll see Marvel come out with a “Everything You Thought You Knew Was Wrong!” issue.

I wonder though, if they’re going to give him a ‘real’ first name, or if they’re going to leave “Dog” as all we know about it. (If indeed Dog is Wolvie.) Finding out Logan’s first name is “Dog” would be as disappointing for me as when I learned Kramer’s first name was “Cosmo.”

Aw hell, it’s a hijack, but I’m curious…

How the heck did they bring everybody back after that whole “we all must die to stop Onslaught” deal?

Someone may come along with a more detailed answer, but the short form is that Franklin Richards (son of Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four) used his powers to create a “pocket universe.”

From this site:

That article though is basically an intro article about (what was then) the upcoming return of the Marvel Universe. I’ll keep looking for a better answer, but that’s all I’ve found so far.

If I remember from the trading cards Marvel released many years ago (I collected the first and second series), Wolverine is about 80. Also, I think he’s from Canada, but not really much is known about the pre-Weapon X time.

Of course, my own following of Marvel comics stopped around the time of the “X-Ecutioner’s Song” saga, or something. Personally, I liked X-Factor better, until the members of X-Factor rejoined the X-Men. I’m really mainly a Cyclops fan, and incidentally, was disappointed that the movie made him out to be such a wuss.

It seems that there are a LOT of origin stories for Wolverine, many of them conflicting. First one to turn up through some quick searching has his age at over 200. I think one storyline implied he was even older than that and a god or godling, not a mutant.

The problem with guessing his age is that he’s immortal and he lives in a universe where time travel is fairly common. He may have been born in recent times and at some time in the future travelled back thousands of years, which would explain older accounts of him. He doesn’t seem to keep much memory, either, he’s had amnesia hundreds of times it seems.

IIRC, back in the early '90’s there was a Wolverine story in * Marvel Comics Presents* that had pre-wolverine Logan fighting a monster that was terrorizing a plains Indian tribe.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I may have to go digging through my comics to find it…

Ah, wait, it’s in that link provided…