Woman buys store's stock of offensive t-shirts

Story here.

This woman, visiting a mall with her 18-year-old son, got offended at some semi-nudie shirts in Pac Sun’s window, solved the problem by buying all of them, some $600 worth. Her act is now all over the news. Talk about “all publicity is good publicity”… how many of these shirts do you think the news has sold?

So: feminist crusader, closet lesbian, clueless idiot or shill for Pac Sun?

Simply based on the population countin each category you listed, I’ll go with clueless idiot.

Even disregarding the publicity she generated, she herself jacked up sales at that particular store a great deal. The owner probably got on the horn with PacSun and immediately ordered another two dozen shirts. Good day for him.

She’s planning on returning the shirts for a refund when 60 days are almost up. Her actions impinge upon the store owner’s right to sell what articles they choose. And, as has been said here, she’s bringing more publicity to Pac Sun.

Yup, clueless idiot. That store’s only gonna order more. What’s she going to do, buy them all? And Pac Sun has about 800 stores. What is she going to do about the shirts in all of those stores? Not to mention you can buy those shirts on the company’s web site. All she did was waste her own money and generate more sales for the store.

Clueless idiot. Those shirts will go right back on the shelves when she returns them.

And if they ordered more after she cleaned them out, they’ll have a ton of back-stock on these shirts, which may end up with the store manager selling them on clearance, which would prompt people who wouldn’t have bought the shirt in the first place buying it because it’s so cheap now.

She’s lying. She bought the shirts to give to her son’s friends at his graduation party. But then someone from her church walked by and gasped. What choice did she have but to feign outrage to save face?

Did you see that somewhere in the news, or is it your assumption? (Good assumption, if it is.)

Not in the least - she WANTS to limit their sales; Pac Sun won’t go along. Buying all of the offending items is almost diametrically opposed to what she wanted to achieve.


I read here about the return plans.

Then that’s different - that’s obstructive and I hope Pac Sun finds grounds to refuse the return.

Let me predict that the (presumably) embarrassed 18 year old never goes shopping with mom again.

Checking Pac Sun’s website, I wouldn’t consider them even “semi-nudie” by today’s standards. They’re women wearing lingerie. I suspect a lot of women walking around the mall are showing more skin than most of the photos on the shirts.

She’s wearing a bottom that exposes the lower half of her butt. It isn’t even a thong.

You could see more skin on the average pulp magazine from the 1930s. I suspect this woman is a time traveler.

Yeah, I just looked at the collection and while I find several of them tasteless (as bodywear), most of what Pac Sun sells falls into that category. Good thing I’m not in their demographic. :slight_smile:

But it is Utah. So there’s that.

I’m sure the fine print of their return policies state their right to refuse a return for any reason whatsoever.

Or it will after today! :wink:

God, I miss Utah.

A little searching shows that this was at the University Mall in Orem, about 45 miles south of Salt Lake. You could get away with such shameless displays in that worldly city of Salt Lake, but not in the more heavily Mormon town of Orem, next to Provo, home of Brigham Young University! When I lived in SLC, the Salt Lake public TV station, KUED, broadcast at the University of Utah a state school) aired PBS programs untouched, but KBYU, the public TV station issuing from Brigham Young University (a Church School), would edit the content. They edited Sherlock Holmes, fer cryin’ out loud!

the very family-friendly LDS populace has often felt it necessary to protect the youth from provocative images. A company down that way used to sell DVDs of current movies, with "questionable’ content excised. t least until the Hollywood studios cracked down on them. So this sort of thin is par for the course.

So, of the choices “feminist crusader, closet lesbian, clueless idiot or shill for Pac Sun”, I’d have to go with a new category, e.) Utah Mom

I do hope she catches a boat load of grief for being such a stupid meddlesome bluenosed interfering busybody.

I had to check and make sure it wasn’t an Onion article.

She might, but, as I indicate above, if she were to be tried by a jury of her local peers, she’d likely be exonerated. A lot of people in the area feel much the same way. There was a movement to ban “R” rated movies on cable TV when I lived out there. These were not movies you were inadvertently exposed to – these were clearly images you were paying to see, but that didn’t dissuade the crusaders from their task.

Fortunately, the interwebs are far more democtratic and reactionary. :slight_smile:

I believe that qualifies as a subset of “clueless idiot.”