Woman claims to be Azaria "That dingo ate my baby!" Chamberlain


Apparently this woman thinks she’s Azaria Chamberlain. I can’t wait until we find out the results of the DNA test.

Not so hard to believe…she certainly has a dingo-gnawed look about her.

Love the photo. :rolleyes:

and that’s all I’ll say. No, really, that’s all. Even though my mother always said if I couldn’t say something nice, then I shouldn’t say anything at all.

I almost posted the same exact thing. Erm … and I guess that’s all I have to say.

… Which is exactly why I haven’t posted yet. I don’t know what I can say.

[Austin Powers]
She’s a man baby!
[/Austin Powers]


 You can certainly see why the dingo spit her out.
Yep, i'm goin' to hell for that one.

Thanks sweetums, I already have enough bricks on my road to there. :smiley:

Guys, you’re being cruel! She’s obviously… um, well, she’s…


…well, then. sits down again, puts paper bag over head

IIRC, the woman who was supposedly her mom, wasn’t much to look at either. So maybe, she is the dingo baby. Although, her story sounds pretty far-fetched.

She’s giving me the “dingo eye”. Is it hunger or … something else? :eek:

Here’s mom and dad
Hmm… if you combine the worst of Mom and Dad’s features it’s just possible … naaahh.

No no Kythereia; you’re supposed to put the paper bag over *her * head. Unless she’s made you hyperventilate and then you breathe *into * a paper sack.


Boy, that is one awful photo. Here’s hoping that she looks a little better in person.

Are they doing the DNA test?

Wow, you guys are assholes.

Can I see pics of all of you? Seriously, I bet you’re all really hot.

I guess if I had a baby that looked like that, I’d have fed it to a dingo too.

“The Dingos ate my chin!”

Nope, not even close, which is why I know ugly, personal experience don't ya know.

Funny assholes. :smiley: