Woman hits on me on her son's behalf. Is that weird?

Backstory: I’m a secretary in a doctor’s office, so it is not at all unusual for me to get calls from other doctor’s offices, with referral information, and so on. Such happened this morning, when a very friendly woman called to give me referral info for a patient coming in this week.

So, okay, we’re waiting for her computer to process the referral, so she can give me the number and all, and making the requisite smalltalk. She asks if I’m all set with my Christmas shopping. I say I’m not. She asks if I have a bunch of kids to shop for. I say I do not. She asks if I’m married (?!). I say I am not. This is maybe the part where I should have gotten a clue. I did not.

She then goes on to tell me that her son is ALSO single (damn, those freaky coincidences never cease). He’s 25. He’s very cute, she tells me. He’s God’s gift to women, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, I’m wondering what the hell is wrong with her computer that the referral is taking so long.

Well, anyway, it ended up with me caving (weak-willed creature that I am), and telling her it was okay for him to call me (at the office, not at home), and maybe we could have lunch or something.

But I’m a little creeped out. There’s something very medieval about being set up on a blind date by the gentleman’s mother. It’s strangely desperate, and a little sad.

So c’mon, all you romantic Dopers: Help me out, here - should I be freaked out by scary Overhelpful Mom, or should I start looking at diamonds, and knitting baby blankets?

Kn(hoping to god Momma’s Boy never calls)ckers

If it makes you feel any better, he’s probably mortified that his mom is playing matchmaker.

I read the title as “Woman hits me on her son’s behalf.”
I personally think what you just described as creepy only because the woman is that desperate to get her son married off. She probably doesn’t know you whatsoever; what if you had been one of the rare female serial killers??? She’d never have any grandchildren then.
I hope he doesn’t call for your sake.


That whole situation sounds bizarre. If the kid knew about it, then :::run away::: but chances are, he’s got an interfering mother, which doesn’t bode well for being an in-law later…

btw, I’ve got this 19 year old son… :smiley:

Oh. Sorry. Confusing thread title. I’ll do better next time.


Scenario 1: He calls, proving himself to be a creepy mama’s boy.

Scenario 2: He doesn’t call, proving that he’s either mortified by his mother’s behavior, or he’s a creepy mama’s boy with not the sack to ask you out.

Either way, EWW.

Third scenario. He calls, they do have lunch, he turns out to be very ashamed of his mom’s behavior, but he’s glad she did it, because perhaps he wouldn’t have had the chance to meet you, and gaze lovingly into your magnificent orbs of azure or brown or verde or…

ANYway, maybe it’ll all turn out hunky dory.

Me too. I kept wondering when the seemingly nice lady was gonna haul off and deck her one and say “that’s for my son!” or whatever.

My mum occasionally threatens to do this to me – works far better as a deterrant than anything else she could do at this point in my life!

Incidentally, I’ve got this marvellously handsome 20 year old me…

Phew! I pictured someone’s mom walking up to you in a bar and saying “how you doin’?..”

She’s probably well-intentioned in a naïve mommy kind of way.
The guy will probably be too embarassed to call.
And man-oh-man that would be the über-mother-in-law-from-hell!

The battle is not always to the strong, or the race to the swift, but that’s the way to bet it.

The story reminds me of the “Have you met my daughter?” character on BBC sketch show “Goodness Gracious Me”

I expected violence from the thread title, too. Must brush up my reading skills…

Sorry, the fates have decided. He is the one you will marry.

Of course it’s weird. It’s really truly bizarre.

Now, when I worked in retail, I occasionally had mothers try to pitch their single sons (or nephews) to me, but that is at least after they met me. But it was still weird. I told them “I have a boyfriend,” even though it wasn’t true.

I think astro is right. She’ll turn out to be your mother-in-law, and you’ll have to endure a lifetime of “I told you so!”

From us, or the mother-in-law? :smiley:

Aw, come on! Where’s your adventurous spirit? Well, granted if he does call and you guys go out, you may have to move, get an unlisted number, and change your name, but then I’ve known people who’ve had to do that because of people they’ve picked out for themselves! You never know, it could work out beautifully.

My parents tried to do this for me - hook me up with a single woman they knew. I was appalled - not only did I have no particular interest in her, I already had a girfriend at the time, who my parents hated but I ended up marrying anyway.

I really have to get my mom to stop doing that! :smack:

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Leifsmama; I have my fingers crossed that this is the one!!!

Banger and Knockers. Cute couple.