Women are equal to men

Remember the news item a few weeks ago about some men who pull heavy objects with a bodily appendage one would normally not think of using for this purpose? Well, go to our own Chicago Reader at http://www.chireader.com/listings/static/daily.html and look at the listing for Saturday, December 2.

I don’t know what else to say.


Ow, ow, ow.

I really wish I hadn’t read that.

I don’t know that I appreciate that being the great equalizer.:wink:

::screeches out loud at work::

remember that scene of “there’s something about mary” when he gets his dick stuck in his zipper? yea, that was how I just screamed, on a smaller level. at work. I hate you guys.
that is impressive though :slight_smile:

now you gotta wonder, what kinda students are these that get to watch this?

we never get anything like that at OUR school…

I searched all over. Nothin.

The Daily Specials only went up through Nov 30.

Rysdad - That happened to me too, and I’m on AOL. If you’re also on AOL, here’s how to get the current page - go to that page, hold down the CTRL key and then click on the reload (refresh) button.

i wonder if anyone attended in the costume posted by al zheimers.

Ok, I finally saw what you’re talking about. (Thanks, zgy.)

Can you picture her in bed with her SO? “You’re done when I say you’re done.”