Women - facial hair growth

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if it’s because I used Nair for the face a couple times, but I’m pretty much fully prepared for Movember over here. Thankfully I’m a redhead and it’s blonde hair but damn, what the heck. Is it because I used the Nair?? :mad:

Are you anywhere near perimenopause? http://www.womentowomen.com/understandyourbody/symptoms/unwantedhair.aspx

Also, I can’t say enough good things about Parissa Body Sugar. My mustache and chin hair are the only body hair that I maintain. I don’t shave anything but I pluck my chin and body-sugar my lip. And I have lazy tendencies aside from being a hairy lesbian. That should help illustrate how easy and effective it is.


I turn 39 next month, and I’ve noticed things growing in longer and thicker. Things are changing for me the other way too. My eyebrows required handling when I was in my teens and 20s and now I don’t have to worry about the unibrow area at all.

I started getting some longer, coarser facial hairs as I got older. Since I have dark brown hair, the facial hairs are more noticeable. Electrolysis works very well, and is cheaper than getting waxed. I had my eyebrows tidied up with the electrolysis, too.

After menopause I have significant facial hair. It’s completely normal but what a pain. I’ve been waxing the lower half of my face at home with Sally Hansen strips. I might try the Parrisa Body Sugar.

And what is “Movember” supposed to mean? I realize, by the context, that it’s probably a reference to your (newly?) hairy face but I’m at a loss as to how exactly.

Short answer: guys grow mustaches (generally for charity) during November.

Longer answer.

I bought a Tria (at home hair removal laser) about a month ago. I am seeing good results in the upper lip and chin area. The machine is just under $500, but salon laser treatments will run that much for one small area. I figured if I bought the Tria, then I could take care of all of my unwanted body hair for a mere fraction of what it would cost to do professionally.

This ^^ and hyperbole…

I was just looking at this the other day! About 8 yrs ago I spent around $600 on laser hair removal for my chin area alone. It worked beautifully and I was so pleased, but in the last few years it is starting to come back. I was contemplating doing another round, but then wondered about buying the Tria. I think you just helped me decide to get one.

According to a gynocologist I knew, facial hair in women is because of the balance between the estrogen the ovaries produce and the testosterone the adrenal glands produce.
A younger woman with facial hair, is producing more testosterone than she needs.
Peri-menopause women have lower estrogen, but the adrenals still produce testostrone.

Wait. As you grow older, those hairs will go gray as well. Try plucking them with fading eyesight then.

I have a few wild ones on my chin, the result of mole removal that didn’t go deep enough. Damn. Little clusters, 2 of them. But the other day I was driving and felt something out of place on my cheek!! A darkish hair about 1/4" long. I am going to start carrying tweezers in the car. Imagine the time savings, not to mention the attention I’ll get. :slight_smile:

I have always had peach fuzz but a few of those hairs turned dark and then shiny white. Through repeated plucking I seem to have gotten rid of the majority of them but hormone therapy has caused a few more dark ones lately, dang it.

You may want to try to use the threading method instead of wax (sugar) methods. It pulls the skin less for (less wrinkling as you age reports my Indian friend) and pulls hair out by the root.

Oh, I’ve already found (and removed) the occasional long white or transparent hair, which is as fine as spidersilk. I’m extremely nearsighted, so I can see these things easily.

And I have a tiny pair of tweezers on my Leatherman microtool. It’s on my keychain. I’ve never had to remove unwanted hair with these tweezers, but they’re darn handy to have for the occasional splinter.

I am always extremely horrified to find a rogue long hair on my face or neck. I thouroughly inspect my face for hairs every day and wonder how long it took to grow that long and how I could have missed it for several days…or even more horrifying…what it if grew that long overnight?

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Thanks to my ethnicity and my age, I’m developing one of those scraggly, patchy, asymmetrical, shitty little goatee things you normally associate with, say, a 12-14 year old boy. I wish it either would simply not have happened, or actually come in think enough I could get a job as a bearded lady and make some money off the damn thing.

I was somewhat hairy back in my fertile years. I waxed my upper lip, had to shave both legs and pits at least twice a week. I had very bushy eyebrows, too, that I trimmed with a manicure scissors.

Nowadays (and my ongoing no-thyroid issues notwithstanding):

  1. My bushy eyebrows are but a memory. They’re fine, thin, and getting sparse. I’m going to have to use a pencil soon to maintain their semblance.

  2. I shave maybe once a week, if even that.

  3. I have rogue wiry white hairs that pop around my mouth or on my neck. For some reason they don’t like my chin, which is fine with me. They’re never any other color. Plus I’m going gray rather quickly too.