women in islam

hers some things that the Quran has to say about women in Islam:

more thab 1400 years ago, islam eliminated the chattel status of women, prohibited hte preIslamic practice of female infanticide and gave women teh full right over thier earnings

other rights granted to women in ISlam include the right of inheritence, the right to initiate divorce and the right to own a business.the Prophet Muhammed (Peace be Upon Him) wife was a prosperous business woman.

the first matyr is Islam was a woman

according to the qurean, Islam revealed thext: “The believers, men, and women are protectors of one of another…”(Quran 9:71)

The Prophet Muhammed(Peace be upon him) himself said “Whoever has a daughter, and does not bury her alive(the pre-islamic practice forbidden by islam), does not insult her, and does not favor his son over her, God will enter him into Paradise”

What’s your arguement?

Somebody please forward that to the Taliban. :mad:

Exactly. People have twisted the quran to their own purposes, such as the Taliban. This is no different from Christians distorting the bible to support their anti-gay or misogynist beliefs.

This doesn’t make the religion inherently bad, it just goes to show you that irrational beliefs cannot be reliably used to reach rational positions.

I am quite willing to grant that it is not necessary to be repressive toward women in order to follow Islam. I have known Muslims who did not stone their women for daring to walk teh streets without a familial escort.

My question, though, is what part of Muslim teachings do the misogynists of the Taleban (and other purportedly Muslim regimes) rely upon when they declare that all women must be veiled, unemployed, uneducated, etc.

When fundamentalist Christians preach hatred of homosexuality they point to specific Biblical verses to support their ideas. What do the Ayatollah’s in Afghanistan and Iran cite to support their religious interpretations?

I am not a Quranic expert, but I THINK that they get their ideas in that this was a pre-Islamic custom, and that this is what Muhammed would have done, as it was the Arab tradition at the time. So it isn’t really from the Qur’an at all. In fact, as quoted previously, the Qur’an is quite egalitarian. But there is an strong current in Islam that is wary of any kind of bid’a, or innovation.

Raven is welcome to correct me.