Women in space and gravity

Let me preface this question with a disclaimer: I’m an idiot.

That being said… If a woman were to go into space, would there a need for her to wear a bra? My guess is no, because no gravity means no boob sagging.

Am I right or am I totally out of whack?


My guess is that a bra would be even more necessary. Something like a sports bra. Just to keep the fun bags located.

A bra would be good to stop things floating and wobbling around, but it should be engineered quite differently. Just because the boobs are upwards, doesn’t mean jiggling/movement wouldn’t be uncomfortable or painful. Eg: in the sea, boobs float, but they’re not “controlled” - not up and standing tall like silicone ones, they bob around a bit.

Now of course that’s got me wondering about men’s parts on the moon… :wink:

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