"Women of the Straight Dope", up and running, work in progress or gone and forgotten?

Just wondering if the page is up because I’ve been gone for so long, anyone know it’s status??

We thought of this at the same time.
My thread is … Well it doesn’t matter.

I sure hope choice A is right :slight_smile:

On temporary hold for a variety of reasons.

I will let people know when it’s up. I will create a thread on my own.

< working on a $900.00 web job as I type this, slightly more important >

But, but…

My libido is full on, and I need to see these wimmens!

I must first know what a lady looks like before I can properly flatter her. :smiley:

LOL Mr. Cynical: I thought that word was “flatten.” ha ha!

Sorry to nag, techchick68, I’ve just been gone for so long,I was worried I missed it. Hope your contract goes well.

Yeah, Tech, every day I log on and expect my mail box to be full of love letters from the men around here! :slight_smile:

Well, I AM a big guy :smiley:

Hey, that means I still have time to figure out how in the hell to send a picture of me for this website shindig.


I didn’t mean to sound snippy, I am working on this site and the guy who originally did it really screwed up some things in my mind.

If all goes well with this sight, creating a logo for the Vegas Dopefest 2000 t shirts, I will work VERY hard on getting the rest of the men up and the ladies pages.

For Rilchiam,

Just reviving this for your viewing pleasure. :wink:

Thank you! Take as long as you need.

I’ll volunteer to help with resizing pictures if it’ll take some of the load off of you. Feel free to email me any work that you would like to outsource. I seem to recall you turning down similar offers in the past, so if you’re not interested, just don’t, no need to explain or anything.

But Michi–I’ve been sending you “love letters”, and I’m doing it without the benefit of any picture! :wink:

How you gonna reply to them and not reveal your “secret identity”, anyway? (Inside joke)

DRY, that was … kinda funny.