Women Only Parking Lot

Just got this via email. Thought I’d share.

With the high rate of attacks on women in secluded parking lots, especially during evening hours, the Melbourne City Council has established a “Women Only” parking lot. Even the parking lot attendants are exclusively female so that a comfortable and safe environment is created for patrons. Here is a picture of this world-first women only parking lot in Australia.


[sub]I hope nobody was actually hurt when this happened. I’m actually wondering whether I should post this now.[/sub]

I would be outraged if it weren’t so funny.

Okaaayyy, you made me look… Tee hee. :rolleyes:

Your punishment will be–to sit through Freddie Prinze, Jr.'s new movie, whateverthehellitis, surrounded by an audience composed entirely of girls age 13 to 16, all of whom think Fred’s the bees knees.

For a second there I thought you were being serious!


Those aussies! Whatever will they come up with, next?!

Some of the worst drivers I know are men. And I know some bad drivers.

I’m deeply offended by in the OP. Just thought you should know.


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Well, my brother must be a great driver as he’s been able to get himself out every situation he ever created.

I wish I could remember where I saw this (Chicago or LA, I think), but I recall stumblingupon a parking ramp with a women-only level. The lighting was brighter than in other levels, and there seemed to be plenty of security cameras, unlike other levels.

Some shopping malls in the United States provide specially designated parking spaces for pregnant women.

This reminds me very little of my childhood. Whenever we would drive past the Earl Jorgensen scrap metal yard, next to highway 101 near the San Francisco Bay bridge, my father in his infinite wit would point to the pile of cars to be crushed and refer to it as “The Women’s Parking Lot”.

Whatta laff riot! Sheesh!

This seems odd to me. Let’s announce to all the criminals out there: “This parking lot is nothing but potential victims!”