Women-- What gives you pleasure?

Help a lazy writer.

I’m working on something that needs to be written from a woman’s POV, and the emphasis must needs be on pleasure, although pointedly not sexual pleasure. The character is not a sort of person that I have a lot of intimate confidences with, and I’m having some authenticity issues.


What gives you the most pleasure? I’m most interested in things done at home-- not necessarily sensual things, either. I’m thinking of things that are done alone, and during which you have the opportunity to think/reflect on other things.

Guys, feel free to chime in if ya have something that isn’t gender-specific to offer.

I like this character, but her chapter is a bitch. :wink:

Sitting playing games on my laptop listening to mp3s stuffing a big tub of Haagen Daaz (belgian chocolate) with noone watching. And just sitting around naked in my flat with the air con off because it’s too hot for clothes with no air con.

Total quiet and being cut-off. No e-mail, let the answering machine pick up; disconnect the doorbell if necessary. Just sitting on the sofa with a good book and the knowledge that NO ONE is going to interrupt the peace and quiet.

Making something, like playing with my Castlemolds or painting miniatures. Having an entire weekend with nothing planned and the house is already cleaned. Spending an entire evening reading a book with a pile of candy beside me.

Sitting on a plush sofa, freshly bathed, shaved legs and painted toenails, reading a book with nothing to do in the immediate future but lounge and read and bask in the smell of a fresh shower and a fluffy bathrobe. Iced tea or glass of wine optional.

Cooking dinner for myself, or for a group of people who are not yet here and will not be here for a while. Puttering around the kitchen, listening to NPR’s This American Life, chopping vegetables, sauteeing garlic and onions, and popping out of the back door to pinch basil off my little potted herb garden. Iced tea or glass of wine optional.

Grabbing a chair, sunscreen, and a trashy magazine, and sitting out in the back yard for some sun. Think warm breeze, big pitcher of lemonade, iced tea, or ice water, nothing to do in the immediate future…

No soaps? No Oprah? No Steel Magnolias?

Sitting in a big comfy armchair stark naked eating a pint of Ben and Jerrys; doing embroidery by the open window with the plants in it and feeling a soft breeze come in; completely absorbed by anything I’m making with my hands–a kind of Zen state; reading and savoring a glass of brandy or port.

These are a few of my favorite things! :slight_smile:

One thing I’ve always found pleasureable is when I’ve spent a Saturday morning cleaning my house while listening to good music and when the house is all sparkly and clean and I can kick back on the couch, put my feet up and relax, I feel great! Usually I’ll light an incence and just revel in the fact that I don’t have to clean for at least another week or so!

I also enjoy the time of day when the sun shines just perfectly through my windows and leaves it’s light on the carpet and it’s warmth through the light breeze in the summertime.

All of the above (eexcept the computer games - they bore me to tears), especially the cooking part, the listenig to music part, and the having a freshly cleaned apartment part. For any of the reading stuff, it’s even better if my cat is curled up on my belly as I’m stretched out on the sofa with a book.

Also, I love the feeling of actually having enough sleep and being able to focus enought to play guitar without my fingers tripping over each other. And I love looking through old photos of friends and reminiscing about the good times we had together.

I think sidle pretty much nailed a few of my favorite scenarios. They all have the common theme of of the inner peace that comes with being safe, physically comfortable and having no demands placed on us.

I love having an unlimited amount of time when I can pamper myself a bit. Ideally I would be able to be naked for several hours while I give myself a facial, pluck my eyebrows, dye my hair, take a long leisurely shower with plenty of hot water and a yummy new shower gel, shave everything including the pubes, apply lotion to every single inch of my body then give myself a pedicure. All of this while listening to some of my favorite relaxation music

I’d slip into a simple silky chemise, and lounge around with a good book until I felt sleepy. Then I would slip into my bed freshly made with sheets that have been line dried and down pillows freshly fluffed. As I pull my summer weight down comforter with the egyptian cotton duvet cover up over my soft, sweet smelling totally relaxed body I lay my head on my hubby’s shoulder and drift off to sleep with a sigh and a smile.

Get ready for a different POV.

I absolutely LOVE going fishing and getting drunk. Preferably, I would love to do this alone, but for obvious safety reasons I have to go with a few of the guys from my fishing club. We go to a remote spot on the island where there are unpaved roads and some skanky characters lurking around.

There would be nothing more I would want, though, than to go by myself, fish by myself, enjoy a few beers by myself, and enjoy the sunset by myself.

If I ever wake up and find out I have turned into a man, that will be the first thing that I will do. :smiley:

I absolutely adore having all the windows in my apartment opened up so that the wind can come in. I love plunking belly-down on our huge couch and just reading a good book, with no-one else around. I also like to put on music, grab a book and soak in a scalding hot bath for an hour or so.

Oh now wait, LolaBaby, I am all about some beer and fishing. Crabbing in a tidepool on a deserted beach with a floppy hat and a 6-pack is one of my very favorite things to do.
However, the OP asked for mainly things done in the home, and there aren’t any fish, and certainly no crabs :eek: chez moi!

Curling up in my bed, under all the covers, with the air conditioner on so that it’s cold inside. In the middle of the day if possible.


Sorry, sidle, I just read quickly and thought: “pleasure.”

I am an outdoors kind of gal, and while I find pleasure in raising my son, I associate the rest of my home as: cleaning my SO’s dog’s poop, washing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming, etc…you get the picture. Definitely not pleasurable (well, for most women).

That’s pretty much the only thing (in a solitary sense) that brings me pleasure. Too bad I don’t live in a beach house, I could fish from the patio! :smiley:

A long hot bath and a good book. Ahhhhh

Books, books and more books.

getting a nice long massage from my SO after a hard day

I just wanted to clarify that the goal of my example is NOT to sleep, but simply to curl up in bed and think. And think. And think. Maybe do a little writing, but mostly just think.

Staying in on a rainy day, with the windows closed, listening to the traffic go sssssssss on the wet roads. Watching the cat sleep. Sifting through old books and letters, feeling sad and happy all at the same time.