Women's Dance Shoes?

Lady Rat has been dancing for some years, abroad, and doesn’t know any American brands. She does Latin dance (salsa, kizomba, etc.) for performance demonstrations. She’s skeptical of anything on Amazon, found one pair of fancy, sparkly shoes that she likes but that she doesn’t want to mess up during practice, and is hoping to find something well made and still good looking.

Any recommendations? She’s on the taller side of average with narrow feet.


Dancing for fun, performing, practicing? And does she have any preferences? What’s she wearing now?

There’s always Capezio (which you can get on Amazon).

Right now, we’re looking principally for practice shoes but I don’t think that we would refuse good information for the future! :slight_smile: Depending on her team’s performance costumes, she may need to buy more shoes to go with the various outfits as time goes on.

If she’s dancing with a team, I’d be surprised if the team doesn’t have a list of preferred shoes if not an exact “buy this brand/style/color” instruction.

For just practicing and messing around, I wear “teacher shoes,” which is the wrong answer - but I like them and they work. I’ve also had success with Bloch, SoDanca, & Sansha.

I have bought shoes from questionable brands on Amazon. The cheaper ones tend to need offgassing, don’t last very long, and tend to run small (which is annoying because I have large feet) - but they’re cheap, so …

Also, pre-covid, there were always places/workshops/competitions where dancers gathered and were given many many opportunities to spend money on shoes. I’m not sure if they’ve started up again - but maybe she could try those?

When i was involved in ballroom, Latin and salsa dance I always bought International Dance Shoe brand. They were expensive but worth it. There were a couple if local shops that carried them. Or you can order them from England, but shipping is probably outrageous. https://www.internationaldanceshoes.com