Wonder Woman movie rumor

Ah, yes. The same thinking that cast Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman…

Maybe one of those Olympic sand volleyball players can act.

Karen Cliche, who starred in the short-lived syndicated series “Adventure Inc.” and then played the character Lexa in the third season of “Mutant X”, is my top choice for the role. She is beautiful, sexy, athletic, and already accustomed to “action/adventure”-type roles. I am not sure how tall she is, though. I think Wonder Woman should be at least 5’9" ! What do you guys think?

Julie Strain might have been perfect ten years ago.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is the most beautiful A-list actress in Hollywood today and certainly has the dark-haired, exotic look down perfectly, but I can’t buy her as a warrior. Plus, I’d rather save her to play Jakita Wagner in a Planetary movie.

Monica Bellucci could do it, and her Mediterranean looks and accent would be a plus, considering she’s Italian and WW is supposed to “look” Greek (I know this is debatable).

I still think an unknown would be best. And would I ever love to be that casting director! “OK, open casting call for tall, muscular, curvy, busty brunettes with statuesque, goddess-like looks and demeanor! Line forms to the right!”

I’m tired of Hollywood “Re-imagining” characters.
Gina Torres, as one might expect as the subject of this rant, should not be Wonder Woman. Nor should they get a blonde or a redhead for the part.


ANY Amazon can be Wonder Woman if she wins the test. Diana lost the right to the “title” when Artemis defeated her and guess what…Artemis was a Red head. So Hollywood wouldn’t be “re-imagining” anything, if they allowed Ms. Torres to be Wonder Woman. They would be following the way the “title” of Wonder Woman, was originally conceived. Win the trials…You’re Wonder Woman…regardless of what the “traditionalists” believe.

Toby Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst aren’t big-time stars? Nor Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, and Oscar winner Anna Paquin? I have to disagree here. I think both Spiderman and the X-Men movies have had big Hollywood names attached to them. It’s inevitable., because that’s how the studios get people who are not comic book geeks like us to go out and see these movies. The point about Lynda Carter and Christopher Reeve is well taken, but I think Hollywood will definitely opt for a big name to play Wonder Woman. My vote is for Eliza Dushku. She’s young, gorgeous, and anyone who saw her on Buffy knows she can kick ass.

I know about Artemis. DC made a huge mistake with that, and, like Batman’s broken back, Superman’s corpsification, and Superman’s Energizer phase, all were quickly reversed.

Diana is Wonder Woman. Artemis was a Temp.


I’m tired of Hollywood “Re-imagining” characters.
Gina Torres, as one might expect as the subject of this rant, should not be Wonder Woman. Nor should they get a blonde or a redhead for the part.

First of all, I think that’s silly. Changing the way the story goes IS re-imagining even if the new story is just as viable as the first.

Second, even if any Amazon could be Wonder Woman, all the Amazons are supposed to be of Greek decent. Not black. So Miss Torres would still be out of place.

Then the character dies a slow death…how much new terrority can be dug up with a what a 63 year old character? I liked Artemis, she wasn’t the goody-two shoes that Diana was, and after the Artermis run; they made Diana more “Amazon” like. I think.

Look the world isn’t what it was when I was kid and I think if the comic medium is going to survive, they’re going to have to start allowing characters that have the flexibility to be other than white people to be, well… other than white people.

Part of the appeal I think of Marvel’s Ultimate line, is that they get to dump some of the baggage of 30-40 years of comics and create for a generation, other than those who read the same character for 30+ years…and no longer purchase comics en masse anymore.

Superman is Superman, Batman is Batman; but anyone can be Green Lantern, or the Manhunter or Wonder Woman.

I’d say no. Good actors. Successful actors. Honored actors. Yes. But I don’t think ANY of those are true box office draws(that’s the “star” power we are talking about.) Even AFTER their successes, I don’t think any of those will be box office draws.

No, they’re big-time actors, not big-time stars. None of them makes $20 million a movie, or even a quarter of that. Their names above the title on a movie marquee will not bring any more viewers beyond a small clique of dedicated fans. None of them are “A-List Stars”; at least, that’s how Hollywood sees things.

I mean, look:

Tom Cruise
Mel Gibson
Tom Hanks
Jim Carrey
Harrison Ford
Brad Pitt
Patrick Stewart

Which name doesn’t really fit?

These days, the answer would be Harrison Ford! :smiley:

You know, they’re still selling Batman and Superman books just fine, and they’re older than Diana. And every time they’ve tried to “dig up new territory” it comes back to bite them in the ass.

Diversity is great, but the fact remains that Wonder Woman, despite some other folks having stepped into the star-spangled panties now and then, is Princess Diana. Princess Diana is not a generic, interchangeable Amazon. She was a shaped lump of clay given life by the Greek Gods and imbued with special powers, not just an random butch warrior-chick in a toga.

DC could do that, if they wanted. In fact, they’ve tried similar things, but not with the focus of the Marvel Ultimate line - and usually, DC efforts try to make things a bit more different from the main continuity. Those things haven’t sold as well.

But there’s a difference. Ultimate Spider-Man, for instance. Yeah, they dumped the continuity baggage, moved his origin up to the modern era to make it more relateable - but guess what? It’s the same friggin character he’s always been. He’s Peter Parker, bookish nerd, picked on by his peers, until he receives his powers from random fate and a spider-bite.

Lots of people have worn the Bat-suit. Azrael was Batman for about as long as Artemis was Wonder Woman.

Why’s it silly? We already have Diana losing the mantle of Wonder Woman…who is to say that this story doesn’t take place after the loss to Artemis?

I guess you never heard of Nubia…? WW 206

C’mon guys…enough. Ms Torres can and should play the role.

I point you to WW 206. I guess Diana, isn’t that special after all.

Because the hypothetical movie that follows such a notion won’t ever mention such a detail - it’ll be deemed ‘unnecessarily complex’ for the audience, and Diana won’t even have a cameo.

Nope, I haven’t heard of her, until now. Wanna know why? She was a one-off character introduced through retroactive continuity in a misguided attempt to inject “Social relevance” into DC comics of the 70’s. See also Lois Lane’s one-issue stint as a Black Woman, and Green Lantern’s collapse with guilt over never having done anything to “help the black people.”

Post-Crisis, Nubia would no longer be in continuity anyway.

Wrong again.Nu’ bia

Um, your cite proves everything I just said, and even mentions the Lois Lane story I described. She’s introduced retroactively, for one storyline then she disappears, and has clear social apologist overtones.

Although it may surprise him, I’m with **Gamera **on Hollywood reboots. Wonder Woman needs to be a dark headed white woman. If the character is portrayed in a certain way in the comics, they should be dealt with in the same manner on the big screen within reason. It’s not that difficult to find a moderately tall woman with black hair, a shapely build, and some muscle tone… hell, off the top of my head, I think Bridget Moynahan would be a good fit and I’m not particularly knowledgeable about movies when compared to the average person.

I do admit, in certain cases, casting against type works. Michael Clark Duncan was perfect for Wilson Fisk even if I didn’t like him being black.

You’re insane. X2 is the best superhero movie that DC or Marvel has produced and while I agree that Spiderman 2 isn’t as good as its predecessor, we are obviously in a very distinct minority.

If the Fantastic Four movie bombs, Marvel should take a step back so that they don’t make their movie producing a laughingstock like DC did with Batman, Superman, and Catwoman but as is, it’s still not doing so bad despite the tepid receptions of Punisher, Hulk, and DareDevil.

That’s very true. I think that’s largely a result of Duncan’s screen presence, and the helpful fact that the Kingpin isn’t a character a lot of people really care about. He’s kinda generic.