Wonderboys is a great movie

I just watched Wondeerboys again. It’s been a while, but what a fun, heartwarmng movie. I read the book as well and the movie seemed to perfectly reflect the tone of the book, IMO.

I think Michael Douglas is an underrated actor. When he isn’t playing a douchebag or being abused by powerful women, he’s actually quite likeable.

LOVED this movie! How did I NOT know there’s a book?

I thought it was pretentious crud, but to each their own. :wink:

I don’t see the value in Hollywood telling us, “This is life.” When a) I live life, so I don’t really need to be told what it is, thank you, and b) most life doesn’t come out of a lefty dreamland. Most people don’t do drugs, don’t kill other people’s dogs, don’t have affairs, and more importantly don’t portray any of these things as being of neutral or decent morality. And no, the cure for depression isn’t to encourage kids to take up pot. You aren’t a doctor, don’t act like one. Similarly, don’t set your depressed students up with amoral sex maniacs. :eek: Why would you think that this is a good idea, let alone one that isn’t entirely going to ruin your career? I mean really, are you trying to get this kid to blow his head off?

Didn’t see the movie but can highly recommend the book.

No offense, but your critique has made me decide I need to see this movie.:stuck_out_tongue:

Written by Michael Chabon, of course. He’d been working on a second novel after his great success with Mysteries of Pittsburgh, but got stuck. That situation (partly) inspired* Wonder Boys*. (Although I think no dogs were actually harmed.)

Didn’t want to see the movie because, hey, Michael Douglas. After reading the book, I caught it on TV & liked it a lot.

This is one of those “I don’t get it.” movies. I was really irked at spending money to see it in the theater. Really stupid and poorly acted from start to finish. I thought I had just gotten a bum steer from a goofy critic but things like this keep popping up.

I am frequently curious as to why a given movie is liked by some people but not by others, so I sometimes follow discussions along that line.

But not for this movie. I really, really don’t care.

This and “Adaptation” are the two best movies about being a writer.

I loved it.

Whether it was an accurate portrayl of real life (not of mine, certainly - I don’t smoke pot, shoot people’s dogs, have affairs, or climb into bed with sex maniacs), it felt like something that maybe, yeah, could have kinda happened to a group of people over a weekend. And, more than that, it was funny and entertaining. I LIKED that Grady wasn’t a very good person, because at the end it seems like he has a chance of improving himself, and it makes you root for him.

Also, Grady didn’t give James pot (James stole it out of the glove compartment) nor did he set up him up with any sex maniacs (Spiderman and Iron Man hooked up on their own. He actually warned Crabtree to leave the kid alone.)

It’s not so complicated - people come from different places, and bring different things along with them when they go to the movies. For most people, liking a movie like this means being able to connect with it on some level. I have an interest (personal or fantasized) with a lot of themes in this movie: Writing, depression, drugs, academia, homosexuality, failure. I had an easy time connecting with the characters.

oops confusedd with cider house rules. i did like this movie a lot

Same here. I bought it from the discount bin at Wal-Mart. I could find no sympathy, empathy, or even a modicum of interest for any of the characters. I watched it again a year later & felt the same way about it. At least it lived up to its name, because boy, I wonder why I bought this movie & watched it twice.

Great movie. It was on my radar in 2000, but it took me almost nine years to get around to watching it. I hate when really great movies slip past me!

The performances are excellent, and the world it captured rang especially true for me - having spent a little time in very similar circles.

It’s one of my favorites. Seen it many times. Not even sure why I like it so much - I guess I just like those “slice of life” type movies that are just a couple days in someone’s life that are interesting (like Lost in Translation, another movie I love).