WonderFalls DVD

Anyone else finished watching the WonderFalls DVD set?
I watched the episodes I hadn’t seen already yesterday and while it still frustrates me that this show was cancelled, at least now I feel like the series told its story and ended at a good place. The final episode seemed to have some closure to it, sewing up the loose ends of the other episodes.
At the end, I got that content feeling I get when I finish a really good book.

Yep. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

The short documentary isn’t bad either ( looks like they filmed it at the same time they did the commentaries ), but I would avoid the music video ;).

Yes, apparently that was quite deliberate as they fet threatened from the get go, so they decided to do a single story arc. Have you listened to any of the commentaries? They go into a little bit about what they were thinking would happen in seasons two and three if they ever got that far.

Favorite unaired episode? Personally I rather liked the rather dark “Cocktail Bunny”.

  • Tamerlane

Haven’t had a chance to watch the commentary yet. As for my favorite unaired episode…I don’t know. I’d have to watch them one more time. Right now, I am leaning towards the one with the Indians.

Ah, yes. One thread that wasn’t wrapped up and that I found of particular interest was…

Her atheist theologian brother’s increasing fascination/obsession with her spirtual calling. This despite the fact that I actually liked that actor ( the brother ) least of all among the regulars. I thought it was interesting how they gave her a confidant, instead of going the more predictable route of her refusing to discuss it with anybody and not having anyone believe her. I also liked the comfortable sister/brother dynamic they set up in general - it was realistic counter to the antagonistic eldest sister/youngest sister sibling rivalry.

  • Tamerlane

My birthday’s in a month- it’s on my request list.

Yeah, I think the whole thread to which you’re referring sorta got lost in the whole romance between her brother and her best friend and their attempt to keep it secret.