Wondering about Apollo...

After the Lunar Module docked with the Command Module, and the Command Module Pilot re-aired the docking tunnel, opened his hatch, removed the docking probe, and knocked on the LM hatch, are there any reports of the crew in the LM asking “Who’s there?”

Cause it seems to me that’s the sort of thing Conrad would have done. :smiley:

If it ever happened - that would definitely be the crew…

Conrad wanted to keep the lunar dust out of the CSM so both he and Bean stripped completely naked before leaving the LM and coming back to the CSM. My understanding is that they remained that way until they had finished the Trans Earth Injection to begin the return to Earth.

I thought Gordon griped about Conrad and Bean bringing dust into his nice clean CM so Pete and Al stripped down to accommodate him.

Frazzled, you have the “From The Earth To The Moon” box set too, right?

I just did a search of the CM transcripts for Apollo 11. There a couple similar quotes:

“Well, I see you don’t have any landing gear - That’s good”

“You’re not confused on which end to dock with, are you?”

At http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/history/mission_trans/AS11_CM.PDF

You bet I do! But I’ve read the same story in other sources too :slight_smile:

Andy Chaiken’s “A Man On The Moon”? :slight_smile:

Me, if I were the CM pilot, after docking I’d be tempted to say: “there’s no one in the LM! It’s completely empty!”

I was a fan of Frank Edward’s Stranger than Science when I was younger.

Wasn’t there a Russian cosmonaut who, after the other craft’s probe entered the docking ring, screamed, “We’re being raped!” Not sure if that’s truth, fiction or anecdote, but it’s pretty funny.

Yes, it was during the rendezvous and docking of Soyuz 4 and 5 (the first Russian manned spacecraft to successfully dock together).

I recall reading that the line went out over Soviet television, but that for subsequent rebroadcasts and news reports that portion of the audio was removed.

It always tickles me to see the video of Neil Armstrong taking his step on the Moon … who the hell was holding the camera ???

(It was a video of Buzz Aldrin taking his first step)

There have certainly been confused attributions of which astronaut we’re looking at in any given video recording, but the camera that sent back Armstrong’s first step down onto the surface was mounted on a swing-out bracket on the LM itself.

Later images of one of them backing down the ladder are from the camera relocated to a stand away from the lander, and while I think there are distinguishing marks between the two men’s suits, that may not have come until the later missions, precisely because it was hard to tell them apart. So if a particular shot is mislabeled, it’s not likely to be from any malicious intent. (Except maybe on Aldrin’s… :rolleyes: )

I’m 99% sure the “Who’s there?” line happened on the 1975 Apollo-Soyuz mission. No cite right now, but I’d bet heavily I’m remembering that correctly.

BTW I Heard today the current rocket design they hope to use for a Mars trip is only 10% more powerful than Saturn 5. That came from a NASA guy .

Also note that Armstrong was the photographer for most of the Apollo 11 shots, just because he had more skill with the camera.

and one of the guys on Apollo 12 pointed the camera at the sun which basically destroyed it.

By Apollo 14, the Commander had red stripes on the sleeves of his suit. They didn’t do that for 11. I don’t know when they started it.

I think it started with Apollo 13 and Jim Lovell.