Wondering what to have for dinner? IHOP giving free pancakes today.

Might be an option.

Just wanted to remind everyone (or let people know who didn’t already know, at all).

What’s the catch?

I keep going from wanting pancakes and not wanting pancakes.
I guess I’m waffling.

No catch, as far as I know. They’re totally free.

You can donate money (that goes to a charity) if you want, though.

Here’s more info.
Edit: That article says it’s only for Cali, but that’s incorrect. This one seems to say it’s all over the US. Plus they were advertising it on TV here and I live in Arizona.

running coach, that was bad. :smiley:

From here:

Ninjad: Different links though.

I don’t think I’m that badly off, that I have to go to IHOP and mooch free pancakes. :slight_smile: Cool idea though.