Wonderland Murders apartment

1981 Grisly murder of 4 drug dealers in Laurel Canyon LA. John Holmes was a regular there, buying & using. He went to prison for his part in the murders.

I found this footage of the empty apartment. It’s pretty funky, with several landings & stairs. The drug dealers kept 2 pit bulls in that gated area in front of the front door. You had to buzz in at the intercom and they would call the dogs in.

A revenge killing for robbing another big crime dude Eddie Nash.

They made a movie about this murder.

warning… recent footage and some crime scene footage.

article on the Wonderland Gang… very hard core criminals

i would love to watch this, but the jackasses at google youtube have decided that i will not be able to sign in

i have a log in for youtube, through google, but now it wants me to make a new one, but it wont let me make a new one because i am already logged in at google and i need to log out s i log out and try to make one but my email and user name are in use so i log into google again and i get told to log out and make an account… fuck this shit.

Is there another source for the footage besides you fucking tube?

It’s on the front page of this web site. Scroll almost to the very bottom.