Won't you lay your money upside down

There is a street I go down about four times a week where I frequently see buskers. Most of the time I don’t take too much notice of them.

This weekend as I rode by, I did notice one particular gentlemen who was playing some more or less music free tune on his guitar. He was standing on his head.

He had leaned his body up against a tree and he was strumming away and changing chords and, apparently, making a little money.

I found myself wondering if the D chord he was playing had an F# in the bass.

Ask if he can play that old 18th C. favorite, “The World Turned Upside Down.”

[LURLEEN]“Don’t look up muh dress unless you mean it”…[/LURLEEN]

A couple of years ago I saw two “statues” who were begging for money by putting out a hat. The guy was dressed in a black costume like a chess king, and the girl in white. They had black and white greasepaint on their faces and hands.
They just stood there without a word. One hell of a tough way to make a buck. Were they hoping to be seen as “Street performers”? Perhaps, but only if you can rope a photgrapher into taking your picture while you still can stand the gimmick. And even then there’s no way to cash in.

You should have put a check in the hat.

Gem of a post. Thanks.