Won't you take me down to Zippertown?

I’ve been cleaning out our garage a bit at a time for the past ten years or so. It’s a 2 1/2 car garage, plus I’m a bit lazy. In addition, I repeatedly come across things that demand my undivided attention.

Exhibit one. Apparently my gf’s ex-husband liked totes boots. And he wore them on his many forays into zippertown. Does your area have a zippertown? What goes on there?:cool:

If there us one I’ve never noticed. I probably just zip on through.

All the stuff that the buttoned-down folks won’t do.

Those boots were made for zippin’.

It was overrun by large ants

It’s all party, all the time here in Zipper town!

Actually my dad used to wear boots like that, in the 80s. Not Totes brand, though, yeesh. More manly brands like uh…well, whatever the Boot Guy sold at the Ford plant.

Really surprised she let that one get away. He seems like a keeper.


I was at Walgreens picking up something for the gf and the cashier asked if I had a card. I thought gf might, and the cashier asked for a phone number. I gave her gf’s number.

She said, “Hi, Steven (the ex)!” I said no, she has recently upgraded. I’m kayaker.

I can no longer wear lace-up shoes. I wouldn’t even THINK of boots.

I have kidney failure, and edema (swelling) of the feet is a common symptom.

Now, aren’t you ashamed of yourselves for making fun of those of us dying?

What’s the zip code for Zippertown?


Whuh, ah gwine down 'a Zippa-town /
Moob muh Zippa-zip.
Muh baybuh slidin down’a naht /
Maht be worv’a trip.

I hear Zippertown is always open.

no Zippertown around here anymore…sad state of affairs.

SHEET…them damn ellipses! :smack::mad:


No Zippertown around here anymore

A sad state of affairs indeed! :smiley: