Woo-hoo! "Center for Free Inquiry" Opens in NYC!

From the AP newswire:

“When the Center for Free Inquiry opens its newest office in Manhattan, it couldn’t ask for a better greeting. The ornate sign outside the building at 30 Rockefeller Center reads ‘Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of our times’ and a sculpture of the Greek god Prometheus stands prominently nearby. “If we had a patron saint, he would be ours,” CFI-Metro NY Chairman Austin Dacey says of Prometheus, who brought fire and intelligence to humanity. The group of international skeptics, known for debunking psychics, ghosts and alien abductions, is opening a new office in Manhattan to promote better scientific coverage by the news media. “There is irresponsible presentation of paranormal and supernatural phenomenon and I think that media shares some of the blame,” Dacey said. The Center for Inquiry, based in Amherst, N.Y., is a non-profit organization with two major subdivisions: the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), which investigates paranormal and fringe science claims; and the Council for Secular Humanism, which promotes naturalism and secularism.”

Woo! I know where I’m going this weekend! Er. Does it say when it’s opening?