Woo hoo! I own a car!

Just got the title for my car. It’s not the first car I’ve ever held title to, but it’s the first one I bought new – five years ago, so now it’s all paid off and it’s mine mine mine!

Maybe I should go get one of those “don’t laugh, it’s paid for” license plate frames …

Congrats, twicks. You going to get the spinning rims on it?

Nah – but I am going to give the hula girl in the back window a new skirt, the old one is looking extremely ratty.

Now you’ve gone and done it. Something is going to fall off - it’s inevitable when you pay them off.

OK, maybe not - my van still has most of its parts 6 years after it was paid off. So congrats! Have you made plans for the money you’re not spending on car payments?

I had an $800 car bill last week (tires, a new rim, wheel bearing, alignment, one 0r two other little incidentals) – does that count? (please please please)

Now you can afford a bobblehead.

Congratulations, you subversive woman, you!

(What? Didn’t you know that getting out of debt is one of the most subversive things you can do these days? :smiley: )

Well, she didn’t say she was necessarily “out of debt”…
She might not be as subversive as you may think…

Sheep bobblehead. I like this one.

twickster, congratulations! A great achievement!

and I thought you were going to warn her about an exposed tailpipe…
I won’t make the **Hal Briston ** comment. I just won’t do it.

Every little act of discipline and payment is a step on the road.

(in the voice of the karate teacher in that one episode of South Park)

You rack-a disciprine!

The sheep is nice, but if I were to give hula girl and hula guy an animal companion, I’d go for this one.

(Elsewhere at the website: this. Or this.)

If you’re going to be subversive, you need one of these.


You aren’t going to install a pair of fuzzy pink dice? I’m so disappointed. mopes