WOO HOO, it's time to jump in

We drain our hot tub in the winter. I don’t like going out into the cold to sit in hot water and get back out into the cold again.
Yesterday stormchaser cleaned it out and filled it up again. Today it is up to the temp I want it to be at. After I put the kids to bed tonight, we will be hot tubbin’.

Just wanted y’all to know I will be thinking of you when I am relaxing later.

We keep ours hot year-round, I love sittin on the HT at night when it’s raining or snowing. I hate having to get out when it’s cold but I get over it pretty quick once I hop nekked into a bed with fresh sheets

Good heavens! A hot tub is best when it’s snowing.

Sure, if you like permanent THO’s.
I don’t really like to be cold. When I quit my job this past December, I rarely left the house.

We have a hot tub, and I just love it in the winter when it’s snowing! The only bad thing is, you can’t get your face or hair wet or else they will FREEZE!

You know what’s gross? When you drain the 'tub for the summer, then when you take off the lid to fill it up again in the winter and there are tons of dead bugs in the bottom!