Woo hoo!! Just got my cable modem...

…and boy does it ever rock! No more s*itty connections! No more getting knocked off in mid-post or e-mail!! Pages load like you can’t believe.
30 bucks to install and 45 clams a month. That’s $10 more than I was paying for a dial up connection and a phone line.
Wonder if this qualifies as gluttony? Too damn bad.

As someone who pays around $100 a month for a crappy telephone connection, I say: BITE ME!

Oh, wait, this isn’t the pit. Ummm, congratulations, I know you’ll enjoy it even though some of us have to make do with primitive technology. Really, have a blast. :wink:

I’m glad to hear it ren. We got a new computer for Christmas and we won’t get cable for a week or so yet. (The system is in place in our area but they’re still checking it out.)

In the meantime we’re making do with the 56K modem that came with the computer. Way better than the old 14K modem in the previous computer but still a long ways from the T1 line I get at work.

What I’m looking forward to most of all, though, is escaping the tyranny of AOL. After years of their inadequate service and stupid little gimmicks I’ll finally be free!

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

Hmmph. My area is being upgraded currently, and cable modems should be available by spring. I’ve always avoided AOL, preferring local providers. And I thought that the cable connection would mean an end to the horrible thought of AOHell every time one of these little guys sold out. But, noooooooooooo. I’m in a Time Warner area.

I can’t win. I’d go with DSL, but then Steve Case would buy Bell Atlantic.

I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

Well, I’m glad to see y’all appreciate the work I’m doin’ over here making your ‘gluttony’ possible.

Now I know yer wonderin’, “What the he-hockeysticks does UncleBeer have to do with this?” Well, since all y’alls asked so nicely, I’ll tell ya. I’m currently working for a consultant providing engineering services to the cable and telecom industries, although that line is getting more and more blurry every day.

Enjoy yer modems.

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Hey, FREEDSL isn’t opening until April…

We are still waiting for Cable modem service Here on Staten Island,it won’t be available
until summer or fall 2000 and all the DSL providers are so overwhelmed with orders they wont even accept any new orders!

I’m happy for all of you, truly I am. I wish I could be among those sporting new cable modems, or even those who are planning to get a cable modem in the near future. Here in the middle of Montana, we don’t even have cable tv yet, and won’t any time soon. My fiance (silly man, he’s from Seattle and doesn’t quite realize where he is yet) called the phone company a few weeks ago to see if we could get DSL out here. The phone guy laughed at him, for a very long time. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Neenah, you should be able to get satellite modems.

I’ve had my cable modem for over a year now and have no regrets. I could barely get a 28.8 connection on my phone lines so the improvement was dramatic to say the least. I might even get my phone service switched to cable as well.

Come, let us go, I’ve a cask of amontillado.

I got mine on Christmas eve… its awesome!!! and this week get my new puter… vrooooom :slight_smile:

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We’ve had ours since July. I will never go back…if we have to cut back on expenses here and there, I’ll get rid of all the extra phone features, the cable TV, and indoor plumbing before I get rid of the cable modem.

“Fester, fester, fester…rot, rot, rot.”

Cable modems rock! We moved 2 friggin miles away from our last place in Sept, and they didn’t have it here until this week. I missed it so much.
We love AT&T- we have 2 boxes for digital cable, cable modem, 4 lines with long distance- they should give us a deal on our cell phones.

“That was a hell of a thing.”

I’m gonna get a Cable hook-up real soon. I’m tired of clogging my phone line, tired of slow downloads and tired of Aohell. I can’t wait to be able to DL mp3’s in seconds rather than hours! 56k is good, but T1 is so much better!

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I don’t want to sound envious or anything, but I can’t get either at the moment (cable or DSL)

US Worst, just talked to them today, claim they haven’t upgraded our trunk lines…Adelphia (our new cable provider) is still in the testing stage.

Pretty pathetic considering Colorado Springs is a major defense contractor town, and quickly becoming a draw for internet and high tech start ups (like Denver)

And to top that off, I can’t access the 'net faster than 26.4 and US Worst wont do a damn thing to help me out…bastards I tell you.

(oooppppssss sorry didn’t mean to go off there)

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Who, me?

A seminar on time travel will be held two weeks ago.

Trust me man, you’ll wanna kill your ISP in about 3 days… I’ve been on @home high speed internet for about a year and a half and trust me, you’ve never seen such an orgy of disorganization… I’m going to kill them.

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congrats! i got DSL a while back and i LOVE it
no regrets. i recommend it because once you get it there’s no looking back!

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