Woo Hoo- REALLY Embarrassing Stuff About Dick Cheney's Hotel Demands!

WWW.THESMOKINGGUN.COM, after months of hardnosed digging and probing, have really gotten the goods on Dick Cheney! They found a list of demands he makes of hotels where he stays while on government business. The list has been reprinted and rebraodcast numerous times. Keith Olbermann spent hours on the Dan PAtrick show plugging the list that he was planning to reveal on his own MSNBC show.

Woo hoo… this must be really juciy stuff. It must be something SHOCKING, something the Powers That Be don’t want you to know, something that will rip the lid off this Administration.

What could it be? What could it reveal about our Veep? What do his insane demands reveal about his black heart.

Maybe the List Will Prove He’s a Rich, Out-of-touch Elitist!

Yeah, maybe he demands a gallon of caviar and a bottle of Dom Perrignon, and a classical string quartet, all bought by us taxpayers!

Maybe The List Will Show That He’s a Stereotypical Christian Hypocrite!

Yeah, maybe the hero of the Christian Right demanded a topless Oriental masseuse, or a stack of Penthouse magazines. Maybe he asked for a kilo of cocaine, or a case of Jack Daniels! Maybe he ran up a fortune in Spectravision bills!

Maybe the List Will Show He’s an Utter Incompetent!

THAT’S gotta be it! Olbermann and the Smoking Gun found that he ordered a copy of “The Middle East for Dummies.”

In any event, his demands are SURE to be ridiculous, extravagant, and/or incredibly expensive. right? I mean, even the most hateful, biased, liberal reporter wouldn’t try to make a story of a non-story, just to embarrass the Vice PResident. So, what WERE the insane demands he made?


Decaf coffee… Diet Sprite… water… the New York Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal… an extra lamp… a temperature of 68 degress, and a TV set to Fox News.

SHOCKING! Why, he might as well resign immediately!

Look, when George W. Bush or Dick Cheney does or says something stupid and/or embarrassing, I don’t blame liberals for running with it! I EXPECT comedians, commentators, columnists and cartoonists to blast the Bush Administration whenever it provides them with ammo (as it frequently does!). Liberals wouldn’t be human if they didn’t gloat over their enemies’ foibles and gaffes. They wouldn’t be human if they didn’t make hay of the Veep’s hunting accident (I know perfectly well that Mallard Fillmore would have spent months mocking John Kerry if he’d done such a thing on a hunting trip).

But did ANYBODY at Smoking Gun or on Keith Olbermann’s staff really think there was anything shocking, embarrassing or even mildly amusing on that list? if so, I’ll be damned if I can see it.

Are these clowns just so blinded by anger and partisanship that EVERYTHING a member of this administration does, however innocuous, appears comical (at best) or sinister??

  1. Lame. This was news last week.

  2. Are you attempting to argue that everything this administration does isn’t sinister or comical? :wink:

  3. John Kerry’s ‘list’ of hotel requests was made public today, so I expect that I will hear nothing on Fox News about how whatever he likes makes him an elitist?

This is so pathetic. The original Smoking Gun article contained, as the OP points out, nothing the least bit scandalous or embarassing. But instead of just ignoring it and letting it die of its own shallowness, Fox News has to launch a counter-attack. Fox should be embarassed, first, for giving this thing much more dignity than it deserves and, second, for demonstrating how blatently partisan it is - Fox News should remember it’s technically not Dick Cheney’s press office. Cheney and Fox are going to end up looking worse because of the counter-attack than they did because of the original article.

I don’t really see the problem with TSG… that’s the kind of stuff they routinely post; he is your VP after all. It’s definately not TV material though.

While I agree that this isn’t news worthy, I must admit to being a little tickled that Cheney wanted a TV tuned to Fox News.

If they are able to override that stupid default Welcome Channel (and its automatically ear-crushing volume setting) for the vice president, I’m going into politics. I swear, you leave the hotel for a quick bite of dinner when a good movie’s on, and you’ve got to mute the TV if you want to be able to come back and find it before it’s over. And if you accidentally hit the power button without knowing what channel (number) you were on, it’s either break your thumb on the channel-up button, or spend ten minutes watching the crawl on the TV Guide channel.

I dunno, if you saw what some people do in their hotel rooms, you might request that someone else set the channel for you, too. An alcohol wipe for the remote isn’t a bad idea, either.

(ok, I grinned at that as well)

I doubt anyone at TSG really means it to be condemnatory or anything. I just think it’s interesting to see what anyone who is Rich and Powerful does with that money and power.

He cant change his own damn channel? He doesnt have a flunky to change it for him? He is afraid of being contaminated by watching CNN? :dubious:

Stayed in a hotel recently? They have hundreds of channels (and yet somehow, there isn’t a damn thing worth watching on any of them), plus the aforementioned “welcome” channel that constantly hawks the pay-per-view stuff. If I could use my clout to get them to knock it off, I sure would.

Fair enough- but once the Smoking Gun people found out there wasn’t anything interesting on the list, couldn’t they have shrugged, said “Oh well, nothing here,” tossed it in the wastebasket, and waited for Cheney or Bush to say/do something GENUINELY stupid, funny or outrageous? (Heck, they probably wouldn’t have had to wait long!)

And even if Smoking Gun went ahead and posted it, why did CNN, Keith Olbermann et al, think the list was worth RE-broadcasting?

No, I’m not proposing yet another Vast Left Wing Conspiracy- just wondering aloud if some reporters are, by this point, so jaded about this admnistration that they’re constantly seeking reasons to be amused or outraged. And if they don’t find any valid reasons, an invalid reason will suffice.

Unlike Fox News, I have no interest in turning around and dig for similar “dirt” on Democrats. I have nothing good to say about Hillary Clinton, but if I found out through Top Secret sources that she asked the Sheraton Hotel for Perrier, a Cosmo magazine, a basket of fresh fruit, the radio set to the local NPR station, and some Calgon bath beads… I can’t imagine why any conservative publication or blogger would bother to reveal that! It just isn’t interesting, let alone scandalous!

It’s just celebrity voyeurism…whatever. TSG has loads of band “riders” that detail out artist requirements. They point out some of the kookier requests, but all in all, as others have said, it’s not meant to be especially malicious.

A lot of riders are really basic, and are more a way to make sure the various local megadromes give them clean towels, drinks and seperate dressing rooms. Looks like Cheney’s needs are pretty simple and acheivable, though it’s not like they would put requests for anatomically-correct-furries-in-leather-teddies-and-strap-on-dildoes in writing or anything.

Heck, if I travelled a lot, I would want to have some creature comforts to look foward to at the end of the day, or even something mundane and routine that makes you feel at home.