Wood Frame vs Concrete (CBS) Homes

I’m thinking of purchasing a wood frame house in Central Florida as an investment. The house is a bargain but I guess that’s relative to the current market. I’ve heard many bad things about wood frame house yet there are a few proponents for wood frames. I’m in the process getting rates from a few insurance companies so I see how they value wood frames. What is the opinion here?

If the construction methods meet specifications for hurricane-prone areas, you should be fine. If it’s just ordinary wood framing, I’d be wary.

While I know little about central Florida, I expect that termites are an issue there - so you’ll need to be sure that is addressed.

Important questions:

  1. Is it a new house or an existing one, and how old?

  2. Where exactly is the location?

It was built in 1985. It had some severe termite damage, and was fully treated and repaired in 2005. The builder lives next door and says he built the home as sturdy as he could b/c he intended on living in it himself but he was renting it out until a year ago.

You will take a hit on homeowner’s insurance, and it will really hurt the resale value because people are sheep.

Also, when a hurricane hits, you will literally piss your pants because the whole house creaks and moves, something that CBS doesn’t do…

Thanks for the replies. Its an investment vehicle so resell value is important and people’s perception in everything in real estate. I think I’ll look for something better.