Woodkid's "Central Park": what does it mean?

Here’s a live performance of “Central Park” by Woodkid and Son Lux. If you are within earshot of sensitive people, be advised it contains occasional profanity.

I find this song to be other-worldly beautiful, but I’m a little bothered by the notion that the cryptic lyrics convey some sort of dark thoughts that I can’t discern. A lot of songs get thoroughly (and sometimes even credibly) analyzed at sites like songmeanings.com, but I can’t find any such analysis of this song anywhere.

So what’s anyone think? Is this about drug addiction/use? a moment of transcendent bliss, experience without drugs? What does it mean that “love is on top, fucking pain”? Love is winning, destroying pain, or love and pain are inextricably intertwined in our lives? He’s fallen in love, and it’s bringing him out of a dark dreary period in his life? Something else???