Woodstock 1969 lightning storm

Quick question (maybe a misremembered thing).

A lady I work with swears that people were climbing the speaker towers during a storm at Woodstock and the annoucer begged them to get down. If so, which band was playing at the time?

Thanks in advance for any help.

No band was playing during the rainstorm.

Is there a sight on the net where I can direct her to answer the question?

Several sites say Joan Baez was on stage when the storm hit.

Why not get your hands on the documentary to see who (if anyone) is on stage and/or climbing the speaker towers?

Seen the documentary. I didn’t want to have to buy it just to answer this one question.

She accepted Joan Baez as the answer. I found it referenced on some sites, also. I just wanted to verify with the best answer people in the world.

Thanks. :cool: