Woodstock original 1970 movie on DVD?

(I think this belongs in this forum, since it deals with a factual question. If not, mods please move.)

Mr. Middon is a big fan of Woodstock. Years ago, we had the VHS edition of the movie as it was played in theaters in 1970. Now we have two DVD versions – The Director’s Cut and The Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

Neither, he says, is the same as the original movie. I’d like to buy him a DVD (or better yet, Blu-ray) copy of the original, but can’t seem to find it.

Has the original movie ever been released on DVD? If so, where might I find a copy to purchase?


It’s a factual question, but it’s about the arts (in fact, about art that’s about other art). As such, it’ll probably do better in CS.

According to some folks over on the Steve Hoffman forums, the original film is not available on DVD or Blu-Ray, only VHS and Laserdisc.

Thanks. I wa afraid that was the case.

What are the differences between the theatrical and the standard DVD version? Big changes or small tweaks?

I have the 225 minute director’s cut version. How different is it? Just more music, or a restructuring of the whole film?

I’m interested in the same question. I watched “the” Woodstock movie on Arte TV the other day, don’t ask me which version they broadcast, but because of the good visuals and sound quality and the long runtime I guess it was a recent edition. I suspect that I first saw “a” Woodstock movie sometimes in the eighties on TV, then I think for the 25th anniversary there was a rerun in the theaters which I saw, and maybe then sometimes later in the 90s or 2000s on TV. But I swear that in one of these versions, Joan Baez was singing Gram Parson’s “Drug Store Truck Driving Man”, but it didn’t appear in the version I watched last Friday on Arte. Strange…

The Wikipedia page appears to have a good explanation of the differences between the various versions of the film. I can’t speak to its accuracy, though.

Well thanks, but I’ll be damned! Of all the additional songs in later cuts, several by Joan Baez, “Drug Store Truck Driving Man” is still not mentioned. I have to solve that mystery this very night, it’s driving me crazy :D.

Here’s the audio! But I swear I also saw the picture.

Too late to edit: I also found the video, with Spanish voice-over! Someone commented that it’s from something called “The Lost Woodstock Tapes” which was broadcast on TV. I still don’t know where I saw it, but I’m glad that I didn’t hallucinate it. :slight_smile: