Woody Woodpecker cartoons on tv

Do they show Woody Woodpecker cartoons on network tv, or on cable/satellite tv on Cartoon Network or Boomerang!?
I’m a bit nostalgic-please let me know. :smiley:

I have never seen them, and I have always wondered why. One of my earliest memories of anything having to do with TV is a Woody Woodpecker cartoon and that crazy laugh of his. Ol’ WWP must have been pretty popular at one time because there are pictures of me with a WWP bib and cereal bowl.

Why is there no Woody Woodpecker on Cartoon Network? I mean seriously… I would think, not one, but two penis euphemisms in one vintage cartoon character’s name would be considered golden.


Awhile back a local TV station was showing them as afternoon kiddie fare; but now that I think of it, I haven’t seen W.W. anywhere in years. Did someone pull the plug on the syndication rights?

I work for a cable company, and about six years ago a rep from Cartoon Network visited us. I asked her the same question…and she had no answer. She acted as though it had never come up before.

Obviously a conspiracy.

Space aliens?
Bill Clinton?

This site confirms that the Lantz characters are out of circulation, but doesn’t say why. Woody and the rest are owned by Universal today and Woody does have his own site but it appears to be out of date (what little there is of it).

Well, Woody Woodpecker cartoons were popular and on TV in the '80s and early 90’s. There was a New Woody Woodpecker show on Fox in the late '90’s, which featured some old Ww cartoons mixed with new ones. I was told a while ago taht they were showing ww cartoons on the Tex Avery show.
They don’t show WW cartoons on CArtoon Network? What about Boomerang?

I’ve went to that first site, but I see no indication that the characters are out of circulation.

Have you noticed how hard it is today to see any old cartoons on TV? Disney has two cartoon channels, and I can’t find their stuff from the 1930s-1950s anywhere on them.

“The original Walter Lantz cartoons have been off U.S. television for years - and their presence on home video is practically non-existent.”

You’ve just ruined the woodpecker for me now! I hadn’t even thought of that till I read this thread! :slight_smile:

I guess that explains the laugh…