WOOOOOOOOO! Manic Day!!!


as well as

MANIC DAY ! ! ! ! ! !
I know I’m gonna pay for this later when I crash, but for now hold on to your seats boys & girls we’re havin’ a ball at Inigo’s Playhouse (a.k.a. “The Total Loss Claims Department”) …. Bugger the drugs! We’re having a MANIC DAY ! ! ! ! ! !

You put $28k into customizing that Harley a couple years ago? Grab yer helmet dude, cuz it’s barely worth $20k! You know I’m right. You KNOW it! Where do you want me to send that check?!?!

You’re telling me that your 96 Cavalier is worth $7,000? excuse me while I … BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You put a nitous charger on a Cavalier? Get outta town!

God bless the other end of this acursed afliction!

95 Honda with $1,400 damage…Not a total loss! Get to work on that bad-boy!


89 Ford Escort hit an ELK! Yeah, baby…she’s a goner. Gimme a call!

Why do I keep hearing the Vonnage commercial soundtrack? :confused:

96 Honda Goldwing clipped on the back tire by an oncoming RV? :smack: Uh…Yep, to the grave yard with that sucker. Glad you were able to wake up by the way. Bring that title in here and pick up that check.

90 Eagle Talon TSi with $1,700 damage to the rear bumper? That’s worth at least $2,400 on a bad day. Fix that sukkah!

WOT? No more new claims! ? ! ?

Let’s sell some salvage!!!

bling, bling, bling, bling…That’s 4 auth’ed to auction.
(FTR: The above represents about 4 hours of work for most other folks…This is the day I make for being in the pit of despair for the last 4 days)

2001 Hyundai hit a deer for $7,000 to the front end & undercarriage? Fuggetabboddit! I’ll take it off your hands.

1988 Firebird? Totalled before we hit it! OK…$2,000, but be quick about it.

What’ll you give me for a 1995 Buick Century with 125K miles and doors that are rusting on the bottom?

Custom, Limited or Special? 4 or 6 cylinder? What’s the interior look like? Is the pain delaminating yet?

Inigo – you do realize you’re freaking your coworkers out big time?

Custom, 6, like a watebasket, and no.

They’re used to it. It’s not unusual for the exuberance to spread and improve overall production. This place gets to being a tomb sometimes, whenever one of the nutjobs goes over the top (there’s a couple others of us here) morale skyrockets, the footballs come out and the pizza frequently gets ordered in (by the BOSSES!).

Well, in that case – pass a slice of the sausage-and-mushroom over here, 'kay?

OK. But first, my internal soundtrack!

OK. The car. NADA says $3,050 if it’s presentable if detailed. The rust affects it some, but not so much for a 10 year-old car. The 6-banger will kill you in this economy though.

How about $2,500-$2,750

  1. It’s my wife’s car. I hate it, and the fact that it’s a trash can on wheels is one of the reasons I hate driving it. I don’t mind a little clutter, but cigarette butts in the door pocket because the ashtray is full disgusts me. I’m rarely behind the wheel of it if at all possible.

  2. Turns out, after looking at the insurance card, it’s a Special, not a Custom, and a 92, not a 95. Got confused with a Jetta I used to have. That one was a 95.

  3. Gets suprisingly good gas mileage, actually. Excellent power, and a comfortable ride. I have a pick-up, so her car makes it feel like I’m sitting on the road surface.

Let’s see about how #2 adjusts things before I ask for shipping instructions.

That’s a pretty wild roller coaster you’ve got there, compadre! Can you hold on tight enough to handle the upcoming loop-de-loops while remaining standing and with your seat belt unsnapped like that? If so, more power to you.

Stock up on chocolate for the downswing and remember you’re gonna get to feel like this again sooner or later :slight_smile:

Ya had to say it didn’t cha?

Clear the decks below! Comin’ down!!!