Woot! My first carrier landing!

Thanks for the camera link. I have two ordered. Might try mounting one on one of my AR-15s during the next three gun match.

Skip the mini-gun and go with a lazer from a DVD burner.


Now this thread has got me thinking about it…

What’s the lift capacity of your little aircraft, and what kind of armament could we add to it?

I’m thinking it wouldn’t be too difficult to mount a rimfire .22 and some small firing hammer-like device.

Accurate? No. Dangerous and stupid? In all likelihood.


Try illegal if you are in the US, but that didn’t stop these guys

I am, and I believe you.

OK, instead of firearms, what else could we mount on it? Maybe a rubber band driven torpedo for attacking basking turtles?

There are a couple of guys in france that put airsoft gun actions on a some rc aircraft that are made of foam and take turns punching holes in them in mock air combat.
Video here http://vimeo.com/7392876

I think that you will find that Ale’s design size is just about maxed out on payload by a 6 gm. micro camera. If you want to lift anything heavier you are gonna need a bigger airplane. A ParkZone T-28 like the one I fly can lift about a pound but its a lot larger with a much more powerfull motor/battery pack and weights in right at 2 lbs. with a 44 inch wingspan and is made of carbon fiber and a type of styrofoam.
Pictures and info here http://www.parkzone.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=PKZ5075 .

Very cool, but you need to set the clock on the camera. :slight_smile:

I just weighted the plane with the battery in and it turns out to be 112 grams ready to fly. I guess I could add another 10 or 12 grams before the performance starts to degrade.
So no, no guns.

Ah, the stupid clock. I wish there was a way of disabling it altogether. The thing is that I removed the camera battery so I could power it from the plane’s battery. That means that every time I change the battery the camera clock is reset, and since changing the date and time requires loading a file through the USB cable it’s not very practical to do it in the field.

Tomorrow I plan to build a new fuselage pod that will include a wide angle lens for the camera, it nearly doubles the field of view of the camera. It should be much better for making panoramic videos from above.

Very cool - thanks for sharing the video!