Woot! My first carrier landing!

And I did it across the beam of the boat, how about that? :smiley:

I filmed the video a couple weeks ago, at the very South of the Thai Andaman Sea.

Pretty cool, but I had to turn the sound way down. I kept flashing back to my last visit to the dentist, for some reason.

And carriers seem to have upgraded their recovery mechanisms. I thought they used to use that cable and tailhook mechanism to stop aircraft. This new way of doing it is… different.

Cool deal! I second the dentist thing and add a little Gulliver’s Travels aspect to it but its something I always wanted to try. It’s fun to watch others in the meantime.

What kind of park flyer was that, a su-26? I have a ParkZone t-28 that I play with and the one you were flying looks a lot smaller. I wouldn’t attempt the fly it at my face and catch it at the last second recovery with the t-28 unless you were looking for low budget rhinoplasty.
Good flying and a good recovery, looks like you were having fun.

So, catching the plane by hand is the same as a landing? :wink:

Seriously, cool video, except for the dental drill sound, it made me nostalgic. Especially as we have the exact same towel here in the closet that you see at the very end of the video (red and blue with map of Thailand). Wish I was off on a dive cruise on the Andaman sea.

How bad would it hurt the plane if you’d have had to do a “Sully”?

I can answer that one real quick. High capacity Li-Po batterys + electric motor + lots of electronics (servos, electronic speed controller & reciever) + salt water = not worth going in after, about the only thing you will be able to salvage will be the airframe itself (if it was a soft landing,hard landing you won’t even save that, foam, carbon fiber& balsa explode on impact).

OK, let’s call it a handling then…

The airframe itself wouldn’t suffer much damage, but the saltwater and electronics don’t mix well so a ditch at sea would mean about a hundred bucks gone, no big deal. The 3 or 4 weeks it would take me to build a new plane would be more of an issue.
In fact I was more concerned about throwing “garbage” in the sea than about losing the plane. Although in the video it shows that we were going through a patch of ocean were the currents had gathered all sorts of rubbish.

The plane is my own design, I call it the Sidekick because I made it to go with me in my little adventures. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s designed to [fit in](

) a box 40x20x10 cm, so I can carry it inside a backpack. Once assembled it has a wingspan of 60 centimeters and an all up weight of about 75 grams.
It has a modified [video camera](

) in the nose that weights a mere 6 grams and can record a couple hours of video at 720x480 resolution. I’m waiting for a small wide angle lens to have a more panoramic view in flight.
Here’s [a few](

) [pictures](

) that give you an idea of how it looks and [the size](

) of the plane.
The radio is supposed to have a range of up to 800 meters, but a couple hundred meters away it’s already hard to tell which way the plane is going. The battery gives about 20 to 25 minutes of flight.

At Koh Lipe I flew it every afternoon after coming back from diving (and that day that I just couldn’t wait) along the beach, since sand, a foam fuselage pod and belly landings make a bad combination I ended all flights with a hand catch… except one were I miscalculated the wind direction and strength and ended up with some scratches.

Actually this plane is sort of a scale model for a larger one, perhaps 50% bigger. that will carry a camera with a video transmitter, so I can see the video on a screen attached to my radio controller; I’ve already have all the gear except the screen.

Very nice. I used to be involved in electric flight with converted sailplanes. Wingspan was 2 meters more or less. I’ve recently become interested in the park and slo flyers.

Any info on the camera would be nice.

Small planes have their advantages, I can fly mine in an urban park without fear of hurting anybody in case things go wrong.

As for the camera, it’s this one with some modifications. I removed the plastic case and the battery and added a plug to connect it to the radio receiver with a diode to reduce the voltage from 5 volts to about 4.2 (same as the original battery).
There are many similar cameras around, but I know for sure that this one has the framerate and resolution as stated.

You really shouldn’t fly that soon after diving. Did you consult your dive tables? :smiley:

Wow, that’s really good video for a $7.00 camera with a pin hole lens.

How do you land a carrier…and what do you land the carrier on?

Ale that a cute little s.p.a.d. that you have there, care to share or sell the plans? Have been rounding up the parts to do something along the same lines, was looking at something like a smaller scale version of the RQ-7 Shadow drone ( wiki link = AAI RQ-7 Shadow - Wikipedia ) with about a 42 inch wingspan. What kind and brand of radio gear are you using, Spectrum 2.4 Ghz.? 75 Grams with cam is very light build, what motor etc are you using? You should go over to RCGroups.com and start a thread about the sidekick in the SPAD forum, I bet that there would be a lot of interest in your design.

Or a ‘trap’ (which is one USN term for a carrier landing).

I’m getting “server not found” on these links, but perhaps it’s a transient problem or my personal magnetism. :dubious:

You need a bigger boat for that…

Well, it’s not really a S.P.A.D, since it’s not made of plastic. I used foam for the fuselage pod and the rest is balsa wood, Japanese tissue and carbon fiber.
In any case I did start a thread at RC Groups in another subforum, that has some simple drawings and a few construction photos.
Since I improvise most of the design based on the sketches I made I intend to reverse engineer the plane to draw more detailed plans; maybe during this weekend. When I have them finished I can send you a copy.
I have quite a few design chances in mind though. I’ll probably made a version made of foam and carbon fiber only; I found out that the tissue gets quite saggy in the beach, I wasn’t expecting that much humidity.

The plane uses an Assan 2.4 Ghz micro 4 channel receiver. Cute little thing, it weights about 2 and a half grams and so far has worked flawlessly, I’m totally sold on the Assan system now. Besides the receiver the plane has three 3.7 gram servos, a 10 gram brushless motor and speed controller and uses a 400mAh, two cell lithium-polymer battery.

Nah, I just messed up the code. :smack:
Here it goes again with fixed links:

My first thought was it’s either a helicopter or a Harrier.

But your way was cool, too.

Now you just need a way to add a teensy weensy minigun on it for strafing seagulls.

Hee! Good one. I started looking at the video and I was thinking "I didn’t know people went barefoot and wore shorts on aircraft carr…:smack: "

The last eight seconds or so look like the final gun camera footage of your standard JASDF pilot since about 1954. :smiley:

I will take you up on a set of plans when you get them drawn up. My email address is bozobar at att dot net. I just upgraded to 2.4 myself with the Corona DSSS tx module for my Optic 6 and matching rxs for my Dragonus II Heli and T-28 , have heard good things about the Assan system and am pleased with the Corona system. Twenty minute flight times on a 400 mah. 2s pack are darn good, must be a very low drag airframe. You might try monokote covering on the next one, it wont soak up moisture like the tissue does. I glanced thru your thread on the sidekick over on rcgroups and will be give it a deep reading asap, I think that you answered the rest of my questions there.

That looks awesome, I’d hate to be the guy in the Godzilla suit when they pepper him with fireworks.
Today I took the plane to work so I could shoot some video around the back of the office, also we had a meeting and costume fitting for a new TV commercial that involves a couple actors dressed in big panda suits. I thought about asking one of the guys to go to the parking lot and shoot some video as in those movies with a giant panda milling around instead of Godzilla. But those suits are heavy and HOT, outside under the sun we’d have a dead panda in 3 minutes flat.

Yes, the plane has very little drag, too little at times since landings need a long glide down, perhaps I could use two servos for the ailerons instead of one and have them also act as flaps so it can have a steeper glide angle.
I intend to build a version entirely made of foam and carbon fiber, without tissue so I don’t have to worry about humidity; Monokote would be way too heavy for a model like this.

Nah, too complicated.

Napalm bombs on the other hand… :stuck_out_tongue: