Word 2003 -- How can I have two alignments in a single line of text?

What I mean is, how can I arrange it so that some text on a single line is left aligned, and some text on the same line is right aligned?

Do you mean justified, or do you mean with a big gap in the middle?

Set up tabs to apply to the paragraph(s) of interest. These are most easily accessed by viewing the ruler and clicking on it, regardless of you version of Word.

You can set up two tabs, one left-justified and one right justified. Tab to the first stop, start typing your leftmost bit of text, then tab to the second stop and start typing the rightmost bit.

Give it a try and let us know if you can’t get it figured out. Hope that helps.

Create a table with one row, two columns. Left align the left column, right align the right column, then hide all the borders.



I find Word tables to be a huge pain in the ass. The tab version is best, but next-best alternative, IMO:

Add section break (continuous)
Make what’s after the break 2-column text
Text you want left-aligned
Add column break
Text you want right-aligned (align it right)
Add section break (continuous)
Go back to 1-column text

Thanks guys, the tab method has worked perfectly!

BTW the method I quoted above is too much work for just one line of text, but when you’re dealing with several, and maybe less text in one column than in the other, it’s much easier than using tables.

Will someone else be working with the file? If so, then you definitely want to go the table route, but the above instructions were not complete.

First, create your table. Then create a nested table inside each cell (in order to get full control over each inner box). Inside the box, you’ll want to create text boxes for each line of text (or word, if you only have one line). A picture element can help, but only if you select it and move it to the background so it doesn’t actually show. Lastly, convert the whole thing into a graphic image (be sure not to include any links to the original – you may have to re-save in order to flatten things, I’m not sure). Be sure to leave one or two borders visible so whoever is using it will know that you put in a lot of effort.

I’m sure I’m missing one or two elements in that jumblefuck, but trial and error (don’t be afraid to experiment!) should find additional things to add.
I almost forgot – if it’s for someone else, be sure to change the font to Comic Sans.

You don’t need to set tabs by hand. Word has a built-in way to do this: first, type the left-aligned text, then move the mouse over to the right side of the line, near the right margin. You’ll see the cursor go from a normal I-style cursor to an I with little lines representing lines of text to the left of it. Double click there and the cursor will move to the right margin and you can then type in whatever you want.

Bingo, text with some stuff on the left and some on the right. Comes in very handy for labeling homework assignments and whatnot.

And you can also do it with centered text, when the cursor is near the middle, it shows several lines centered underneath it. Double click here and it will set a centered tab for you.

Egads! I’ve been using Word forever and didn’t know about this handy little trick. Thanks, chorpler!

Me, either. That’s so simple. It does the tab method, but in one easy step. Consider my mind officially blown.


Well, I’ve learned something. I’d normally have done this by adding floating text box.

Good grief! I’ve noticed those lines next to the cursor before but I never knew what they meant!

Thanks, chorpler!

+1. Amazing!

Good gravy, I’m the unofficial Word answer guy for our agency and I didn’t know that either!

I would normally have set ONE tab, a right-aligned tab using the ruler, and used the normal left margin for the left side. Chorpler’s tip does exactly that but more easily than using the ruler. Very cool!

That cursor trick didn’t work for me. Turns out you have to have “Click and type” enabled (Tools > Options > Edit tab).

(I left it disabled; I can set tabs easily enough and those lines would distract the hell out of me.)