Word 2007: "Save As" command?

Mrs Piper recently got Word 2007 and can’t find the “Save As” command - not for new documents, but if you make changes to a current document and want to save the new version under a new name.

So, does the “Save As” still exist in Word 2007? if so, how?


You get it when you hit the “Office button”, the multicoloured circle in the top left corner of the screen.

click the “pearl” (The ball in the upper left corner with the Office logo.) “Save As” will be in the menu that shows up.

I just click on the “Office Button” in the upper left corner and there it is.

Alt + F + A


Microsoft did away with most of their UI standards with the Office 2007 Suite. It makes for a tough transition at first, but I find it to be a more useful representation of the options than the previous method of hiding everything within menus and config windows.

Mrs Piper says to thank all my imaginary internet friends for their advice. It worked!

Just above and to the right of the office button is the quick access tool bar. At the right side is a down arrow. Click that and go to customize. You can add an icon for save as as well as other often used tasks, such as undo, redo, quick print, print preview etc.

It seems to me that nothing was hidden in pre-2007 Office. Everything was organized into several menus. Now I have no idea even where to look for stuff like this. Does anyone know of a introductory tutorial specifically written for people who are already proficient at older versions? There are plenty of tutorials for the total novice who is using a word processor for the first time. I’ve been using MS Word for 17 years, and what I need is a quick list where two columns show me where a feature used to be, and where it is now.

I found this site to be very useful. There’s also one for Excel 7.