Word Association Game

You know that old game where someone says Black and then you say white?
We’re gonna play a variation of that game.
I know it can be hard to think straight after a long day’s work, so I have provided the correct answers in parenthesis.


gangreeneous nut ack dripping in garbage juice - (Albertson’s)

Shit encrusted globules of vomit - (Albertson’s)

Oozing cancerous Ass Warts on a two bit whore - (Albertson’s)

Bacteria ridden cum bubbles - (Albertson’s)

wormy chicken gizzards soaking in pus- (Albertson’s)

self-felching, dick nose mother fuckers - (Albertson’s)

shit stained hemorids on Roseanne’s ass- (Albertson’s)

pimple sucking, Anal atresia suffering bastards- (Albertson’s)

I would like to go on, but really I am much to pissed.
and I needed to rant somewhere.

so I conclude with this:

Dear Albertson’s,

This ode to your shitholes you call stores was brought to you because you damned mother fucking assholes set my mom up. Just so you could fire her two weeks shy of retirement. She was with your company for 15 years and you fired her because a ‘customer’ stole some groceries, nevermind the fact that IT"S NOT HER JOB TO PLAY SECURITY COP you fuckers.

You made my mom cry and for that you will pay dearly.

hell hath no fury like a pissed off baboon.

unhappy (Baboon)

Well, it’s a good thing she works for the union then, huh?

She…umm…does work for the local grocery union, right? If so, there is lots of recourse for her to take.


Isn’t Albertson’s very anti-union?

Wrongful termination suit?


That is friggin horrible! I am very sorry for your mother.

:mad: She could sue for wrongful termination. If she’s a union member, she has plenty of recourse there. The firing sounds like a sorry excuse on their part.

If being a “cop” is not in her job description in her contract, they can’t expect her to do it. She would have grounds for a wongful dismissal suit - it can be an expensive process, but if it has affected her health (mental and/or physical) there may be worth to going ahead with it.

I’m not one who condones suing at the drop of a hat, but… sounds like the Baboon needs revenge - this could do it. The chain will probably want to settle out of court to avoid bad publicity.

Alternately, she could go to the local paper and share the story. Bad publicity, especially in cases like this, can really cause them harm.

Good luck - and tell your mum to hang in there!


Baboon, I am so sorry. I hope this gets settled, soon and well.